False Reality vs. the Real World Essay

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False Reality vs. the Real World

False reality vs. real reality what do we know? In Matrix there were several false reality explored in it, most were fun but what if it were used to imprison you? The part where they were working in the computer room, and Anderson works on the cubicle, manning a computer and doing the hacking on the side when Morpheus who was some what interesting in what’s going on around him is it real. It seemed that Thomas like most people, is a victim of The matrix a massive intelligence system that has tapped into people’s minds and created the illusion of a real world.

The Machine were the one who kept the people in control by giving them overall happiness in surreal world, while in reality they are slaves born with a purpose of a battery. You and I know that there is moral issues that rise and come before any material or spiritual happiness. The ideal of being a slave and being born to it. The greenish tint which is the color code of the Matrix, why do you think that color is there, most people would probably think its just the background but really it allows you to see the present of the Matrix before it’s present, real or reality.

So is it better to live in false reality or know the truth, which is not so beautiful and colorful as the dream world. The for real world might be colorful giving of reality can make us change our minds and realize who we really are. The ignorance of reality can only bring temporary happiness, but not overall satisfaction. Do you sometimes question your own lives, where we sometimes ignore so many things. Do we live in reality or are we dreaming our lives away? We probably will never know the truth unless we are willing to look directly at the glaring truth.

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