False Memory Essay Topics

Why you choose Emory as a possible college choice

Prior to the Berlin Blockade, France and Great Britain were exploiting the Germans for repayment of their WWII effort. They were, in effect, funneling the Marshall Plan money intended for Germany into their own countries. The need for cooperation among West Europeans to overcome the Blockade by means of an airlift helped to convince France… View Article

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

In a 1964 Kentucky blizzard, Dr. David Henry delivers his own twins, Paul and Phoebe, but the girl is afflicted with Downs Syndrome. Disheartened, the doctor keeps wife Norah from learning this grief by stating the baby is dead. He gives Nurse Caroline – single, 31, and secretly in love with him – his broken… View Article

Individual Differences in Susceptibility to False Memory

Memory is often a reconstruction of past experiences as opposed to a retrieval of experienced events recorded exactly as they happened (Bransford & Franks, 1971). Although memory performance is often accurate, for example when people remember their first day of school, errors might arise from the very processes that produce those accurate records, due to… View Article