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Fall of Listo System

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (567 words)
Categories: Business, Company
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In the early 1990s, Listo System is one of the best graphics service companies in the world, because there were not too many sellers but the big number of customers. But in recent years, they are losing their position in the marketplace. The customer access to the better service and the product from the other competitors in this industry.

This has affected Listo System’s buying behaviors. They are losing the consumers to other competitors that can provide the better price and know what is the customer looking for.

On the other hand, Listo System caused to increase the cost of development and research. Thus, we can say that it has a negative impact on Listo System.

Review/Analysis of the Case

How has Listo Systems felt the impact of power shifting from the Seller to the Buyer?

Peters said, “Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence, only in constant improvement and changes”. If the company want to stay on the top in the industry, it should be changed their working method according to the current changes in the whole environment.

It will keep the same if the company get the great results once it is not necessary.

The problem with Listo System was that it does not realize the competitors they faced to already had high technology. The company should know to understand what people want to buy, but not what is your product. Also, according to the case we read shows Listo grew very fast. Under this situation, the management unsure and unclear to know what the employee’s needs. As a result, the employees will lose the goal and have negatively motivated.

The power shift from the seller to the buyer means the end of old traditional management because it is global marketing business today, the very simple thing the company needs to do is just do more research about the competitors, economic, and what is happening right now. As the customer, we do not really care what the company is, we just want to choose the product in high quality and good price.

What external environmental factors are affecting Listo Systems?

They do have some internal factors and also external factors. The impact of the external factor is much more than the internal. If Listo can clearly know about the external factors it will understand the change they need to do, such as deliver positive motivation and the new idea of what the company wants out of them, training the employees according to the changes of the marketing, also define the mission, vision, and goals.

Of course the company like Listo, the main factor influenced is the technology, the reason why failing is the company can’t understand and adopt the newest technology. The competitors of Listo know it is the industry they invest and can get much good feedback, so they are coming and overtook. They can get advantages because they saw the things Listo’s did not do and their mistakes. The last and most important factor is the customer.

If the customers are not getting what they want from you they will get from others. In this global and digital age, the company should know and understand the customer’s exactly want at the very first time. People are more focus on price, quality and the latest technology, also they will enhance their standard. The company will not be left behind if the company can realize that.

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Fall of Listo System. (2020, Jun 02). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/fall-of-listo-system-essay

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