Faith vs Old Man in Young Goodman Brown

In the story, “Young Goodman Brown”, written by author Nathaniel Hawthorne, we are offered opposites in personalities which demonstrates interesting extremes that keeps emotions flowing up and down from affection to fear in this book. Faith is a loving and kind character as Goodman Brown seems fortunate in finding a companion who desperately wants to be with. She displays acts of genuine affection for her new husband and it’s terribly obvious that she doesn’t want him to ever leave her.

This character shows one opposite of the extreme measure by being king, genuine, loyal and loving with Goodman Brown.

The old man in this story offers the complete opposite personality as he represents fear and what’s bad in the world. This character also shows complete opposite of what Goodman Brown’s wife is by being old where Faith is young and beautiful. Faith offers safety and security in Goodman’s home where the old man in the forest only allows for deceit and fear.

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Hawthorne demonstrates gloominess and evil when Goodman Brown leaves the safety of his home and wife. Faith didn’t want her husband to leave her.

Possibly, she could sense the danger that awaited her husband with the close bond that they shared in their marriage. In this book, it is easily felt that one should remain on the side of the one that really cares about their safety and happiness and not be deceived by outside forces that threaten what is good in one’s life.

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Extreme opposites is what I took from the characters and a feeling that an individual should pay attention to those who remain sincere and caring in our lives and avoid outside influences of those who make us feel fear and uncertainty.

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