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Essay on Faith In God

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Faith and God in They by Siegfried Sassoon

It is really heart breaking that society blames God or Religion for things that go wrong, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions. I am writing this essay on the 12 year anniversary of 911, and I cannot help to think about all the innocent people that have died and have been injured in the attack. Not to mention the soldiers that had to leave their families behind to g...

Faith In God in Shadows by Lawrence

Faith is ever present in each and everyone of us, and how we use that faith is totally up to each person. Lawrence however, kept his faith close to him at all times, letting that faith guide him through his life and death into the hands of his Saviour to accept the gift that God had given him, everlasting peace. He left the poem "Shadows" for all to enjoy, and perhaps to help ease the pain and suf...

Joseph and His Faith In God

In prison, he was also given an opportunity to show his blessed skill to two of the Pharaoh’s officials, upon which one died. The setting clearly opposed the mood and the character—prisoners usually degrade in prison. It then enabled the unification of the two with the theme of faith, as Joseph never showed any sign of subjecting to his status. The story of Joseph was probably meant to be a le...

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The hands of the blacks, by Luis Bernardo Honwana

There are, then, at least three characteristics which I believe to be theevidence of the educated Filipino — (1) the power to do, to support himself, andcontribute to the wealth of our people; (2) acquaintance with the world's progress,especially with that of his race, people, and community, together with love of our bestideals and traditions; and (3) refined manners and moral conduct, as well a...

Christ in the Old Testament

Ways that are not considered Christophanies. It is amazing how God is willing to step out his throne and step down to communicate to a sinful person. The whole idea of God making an effort to communicate with his creation Whether it was in the old testament or in modern times, demonstrates his humility and love. As Christians we should respect and honor him for that. In writing this book James Bor...

The Question Of Evil

Adam’s wrongdoing also brought condemnation the perfect world God created. Natural evils like illness and natural disasters are a direct result from the moral evil that man commits. Just as this God-given free will brought sin into the world, though, it gives us the chance to show our true love for God. He did not leaves us hopeless and abandoned when sin entered the world; He offers us a way of...

Anselm's Cosmological Argument

But nothing exists through nothing. For it is altogether inconceivable that anything should not exist by virtue of something. ” This, he holds to be the self-evident truth. Once again, the underlying assumption here is that things do not exist through themselves for there is no need for their existence. Such things therefore cannot be the cause of their own existence. Therefore, it must exist by...

The Jesus I Never Knew: A Book Report

 All throughout the book, the author lively made narrative description of his own personal convictions based on his interactions and thoughts to other people and on his personal experiences. It delves deeply towards a journey looking for the original Jesus Christ. Though far from confining the matter to his own personal perspective, the author collected information and data all throughout the wor...

Easter Wings, A Poem of George Herbert

In doing so he gave the readers of his poems a chance to find all of the truths and meanings in his poem. Lastly in Herbert’s poem he wants us to be grateful of the gift that God has given to us, by allowing his only son to die for the salvation of our sins to wash us clean with grace, it is this action which allows all of mankind, and not just Herbert, to be grafted into Jesus’ wing to “fur...

Letter Of St. Paul To The Romans

Therefore, in conclusion, through this study it can be viewed that Paul's main idea in Romans 5:1-11 is the assurance of peace of the future glory in God. Based on structural and the testimony of the scripture, Paul is describing to a mixed audience of Jew and Gentiles what the hope of glory is and how they can be sure of that hope. The promise of this hope is more than mere avoidance of God's wra...

Children Of Men, Analysis

To sum up, apocalypse is a popular theme that is always explored in science fiction films as it can arouse their interest. Also, apocalypse is an essential topic in the Bible which is not clearly explained, so science fiction films often use certain biblical elements to talk about the idea of apocalypse so as to make the films more mysterious. Children of Men and Sn...

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