Fairytales: Just a Fantasy Essay

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Fairytales: Just a Fantasy

Kids are addicted to fairytales they think it’s very amusing and exciting. Generally many children cannot sleep without having a story be read to them. As a matter of fact that is a very bad habit because fairytales do not help a child’s mind develop, it has no advantages and it has a huge negative impact on the brain. Fairytales are very twisted and are a bad influence to kids. Cinderella is a pure example for the disadvantages of fairytales. Basically becauseit shows the disrespect and disobedience to older figures surrounding children, also it shows that a girl needs a prince charming for a perfect life, and finally all the graphics distract the children from the truth behind the true meaning of the fairytale. You may think it is very appropriate for your kid to watch but if you take away all the illustrations and bright colours it’s just a merely shadow covering the true meaning behind the fairytale. Firstly, it’s of great importance for children to follow their parent’s rules and respect them and their decisions. Just like in the movie “Cinderella” she is treated badly and basically abused by her step mom and her two step sisters.

She gets invited to a ball and of course that’s a dream for any girl, but she’s forbidden from her guardian for certain reasons. Cinderella on the other hand sneaks out anyways and goes to the ball without her step mom’s knowledge. This is showing that it’s fine for kids to lie to their parents and sneak out. That is most likely unacceptable in any family. Although Cinderella made no mistake to be forbidden to go to the party, she had to obey and accept her step mom’s decision. It may sound unfair but certainly this shows that it’s fine for a girl to sneak out at late at night to a party. As the movie shows Cinderella gets home at 12 o’clock and lies to her guardian that she was home all day doing chores. She’s just being a pathological liar, because she’s scared to tell the truth. That’s already going in the wrong path. This proves that she is disobedient to the point where she has ignored all her step mother’s will and wishes. Secondly, a girl doesn’t need a guy in her life to enjoy it. Cinderella is in disguise she meets the prince and of course they fall in love. She dances her heart off and then she notices that the clock was about to strike 12 and she had to be home before her mom.

She gets home and can’t stop thinking about the guy. After prince charming finds Cinderella by her shoe, they get married and she starts relying on him in everything. This shouldn’t happen because females can do everything on their own, because they are independent just like males. Although Cinderella needs a man in her life to live properly, little girls don’t need a “prince charming” to enjoy their lives. This shouldn’t be the general picture of relationships presented to young girls. Basically the movie is telling us that all girls were born just to look for a man and get married. On the contrary, this shouldn’t be the only goal set to young girls of this age, they should have higher standards and expectations from life. Thirdly, Imagination is a very big and important part in life, if we didn’t use our imagination and our minds we wouldn’t be as far in life as we are today. Although we shouldn’t use imagination and colours just to hide the truth.

If we were to take away all the fun and cartoon out of “Cinderella” it would be full of lies and bad decision making throughout the whole movie. Creativity is a critical aspect in kids lives, if not handled carefully it might hit back and destroy some important values of their lives. Moreover, movie creators and parents shouldn’t lock their kid’s mind in certain boundaries and don’t leave any space for their own creativity and imagination. All this could have negative impact on their lives and decision making, as they might refer to fairy tales in every situation they are faced with in life.

Therefore, After Cinderella disobeys her step mom and sneaks out, then puts her whole life in the hand of her prince charming; you may think she’s happy but imagine all that without the illustrations. It becomes clear that the situation lacks all kinds of reality and it is just presented in a nice package of illustrations, colors and mind-blocking characters. Thus, any parent in their right mind wouldn’t expose their child to a great amount of fairytales because it has a huge negative impact on the brain and doesn’t help the child’s mind develop.

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