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Fairways by Robert Robertson Essay

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In the United States civil rights movements had been one of the most important groups which expressed the right of a person in defending their belief regarding different aspects in life such as gender, class, race and the likes. Looking back at the situation of the United States during the time of civil rights movements of Martin Luther King Jr., people of color were very active in presenting the whole nation that they are not slaves. They have fought for many, many years until the time they were able to make the whole United States of America and the whole world the rights of a human being should not be limited by the skin color that he or she has.

A human being is a human being not matter what color, race or language he or she knows.

In the recent times, it is known that the problem with race is not as evidently seen in the eyes of other people.

Most of the discrimination is taking place within small groups and communities similar to what happened to six golfers who were living in Beaumont Texas. It is known the golf is a sport that only needs the ability to swing a ball from its place. There are no levels of intelligence, height, weight, color, and the likes are needed in order to play well in the game of golf. Therefore, every one does have the right to play in any place that they want. Individuals must not be limited by the fact that they are African Americans wanting to play and enjoy the sport.

In June 14 1955, a group of six African Americans have filled a complaint against Tyrell and Central Parks, a golf club in Beaumont Texas. The six individuals were all members of the Beaumont Golf Club. They were all requesting for access in order for them to pay in the Tyrell and Central Parks. However, the park was strictly limited only to white colored people and restricts African-Americans due to the issue of racial segregation during those times. The group needed to travel 18 miles in order to play 18 holes of Golf in Houston in order to enjoy the sport. As this situation happened, the group has realized the unfair treatment which was provided to them. Therefore, they have campaigned for equal rights.

As they went to the government to present their complaint, they have seen that there are actions which had taken in order to clarify this type of discrimination. There are numerous recommendations to study variety of aspects with regards to providing golfing facilities in colored golfing parks. But then, no actions had been taken in order to formalized these types of demands from the people. In the statement provided by the Mayor he has stated that, “This council is would always act for the best of the people in the city….

However “would not vote to do anything that might cause strife for the people who life there” (Robertson, 2005, p. 4). In seeing this view point of a person who has not experienced racial segregation, there is a great feeling that discrimination is truly evident in the lines provided by the Mayor. As a authority, he should know that the scope of being equality must be experienced by the many people. Satisfaction with regards to the life of each individual must be done without harming other people.

In the view of providing the entertainment of the people, colored people must be able to enjoy what other people could freely and easily get pleasure from. As stated in the book in the Prologue there are variety of aspects in which the colored parks do not provide. One of those things was the golfing facilities which were demanded by the Beaumont Golf Club. I

n limiting the possibility of enjoying the sport in the easiest and fastest way (Tyrell and Central Park) African-Americans seems to be limited in the aspect of attaining quality time through a high level of effort of traveling 18 miles just to golf. Therefore, attaining entertainment seemed to be more difficult for African Americans.

Beaumont Texas is a community in which was mainly occupied with white Americans. All the economic power which had been solely lying on the white community thus leading to the point that political power is also given to the white Americans. With such situation, the people who are leading the community are mostly leading to the bias of the white Americans. Such bias is experienced by the African Americans through an aspect such as having a decent gold club to play in.

In the situation of the people the six people it is evident that inequality attained through having racial segregation in the community. The group of people who have proposed the concept racial segregation had positive thoughts with regards to the concept but obviously, the people who were leading the community and the whole country does not think of the good of all the people but all those that they could personally benefit from.

In conclusion, the people who were in the government of Beaumont Texas during those times were simply attaining the best for the people of the community which were the white Americans. Given that most of the populations were white Americans as well as the leaders of the community the priority of having a satisfactory life must not only be provided to the whites but also the to African Americans. All of these people are equally paying their taxes to the government without hesitations or limit. Therefore, equal rights must be given to them. It is only proper, that the six African American golfers were able to fight for their right to enjoy what they deserve.


Robertson, R. (2005). Fair ways: how six black golfers won civil rights in Beaumont, Texas. Texas: Texas A&M University Press.

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