Fair Essay Topics

What characteristics of a wire affect its resistance?

Dependant – The voltage and current to calculate the resistance using Ohms Law Control – The temperature and the type of wire Predictions And Theory Temperature of the wire affect resistance of the wire. If the wire is heated the resistance of the wire increases because of the particles in the wire vibrate more vigorously… View Article

Speed of a falling object

The aim of this investigation is to find the factors affecting the rate of fall of a body through the air. Fair Test The variables that will need to be the same to make this a fair test are:  The shape paper cases that are used :- The shape of the paper case affects the… View Article

Is Life Fair?

Is life fair? This is a question which has always been asked by people from all walks of life since time immemorial. It was always asked by people who have less in life. For people from Africa – they who have always been featured in international magazines looking like skeletons wrapped in desiccated skin, life… View Article

Stock and Fair Value

When is the fair value of a security readily determinable? 820-10-15-5 The definition of readily determinable fair value indicates that an equity security would have a readily determinable fair value if any one of three conditions is met. One of those conditions is that sales prices or bid-and-asked quotations are currently available on asecurities exchange… View Article