Failures are success Essay

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Failures are success

Kidney disease and when you will go in tabular under that mentioned use additional code to specify stage of kidney disesase, from that category you should also need to code One from 4xx series code hypertensive chronic kidney disease, and secondary from 5xx series code . Same with hypertensive cardiac disease. At the same site, code the maximum degree of burn for eg. Second and third degree on arm, code only third degree, if second degree on trunk and third degree on arm, code both according to degree and if u are cding third degree 948 series code also need to be code, which describe total body surface area involved in third degree. PAIN

Check guidelines for chronic pain and postoperative pain. If patient comes for pain management, to code for pain. If it is mentioned it is chronic then take chronic (338.xx series) and if it is mentineod postoperative (9xxx series ).

038.XX is always primary whether it is due to infection or noninfection Sepsis 995.91 or severe sepsis 995.92 will go secondary . In case of severe sepsis there is multiple organ failure which need to code after that For eg. 038.xx, 995.92, and then organ failures code.

Read the guidelines for how to take fifth digit in that 0 if unspecified and not stated as uncontrolled Prepare one anatomy theory Prepare for 5 medical terminoly words; Hepatomegaly, hysterectomy, salpingectomy etc.

If it is poisoning, three codes will go Like for eg. Cerebral anoxia resulting in barbitures overdose suicidal attempt Pdx poisiong code 900 serioes check in drugs and chemnical under poisoning Sdx cerebral anoxia icd 9 (manifestation) Tdx E code under drugs and chemical table under barbiturates suicidal attempt E code

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