Failure is Way to Success

Failure is one of the biggest motivators in any aspect of life. We ultimately learn more from failing over and over at a task than we do from completing it once and being down with it. Failure is reinforced by success, once you accomplish the hardest task after failing numerous times, people get the sweet satisfaction of completing the task and also they get the experience that comes with numerous failures, we figure out the best way to accomplish any goal, and learn perseverance.

Experts and some of the most successful people in the world all say the path to success is paved with failure and I don’t think I have heard a more true statement in my life. Most of the most successful people I know would be nowhere in life without failure, it took them trial and error to accomplish their dream and make it big.

My biggest experience with failure took place in my hockey career and is what ultimately made me the person and the player I am today.

Back in July 2013 I tried out for the best team in my area, the Nashville Jr. Predators. I had been preparing for the tryout since the season ended in March. Going to the gym, running everyday and training with my coach every chance I could just to make sure i had the biggest chance to get picked for the team.

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The weekend came around when the tryouts were happening and I was feeling confident in my abilities to play hard and prove to the coaches it was a good decision to pick me for the team. After the weekend I felt really good about how I played and felt like I had made the team. A week later the results came back and I found out i did not make the team. For a 13 year old at the time, i was heartbroken and felt the biggest disappointment I have ever felt, I felt what real failure felt like. For the longest time after that i felt like i wasn’t good enough to make in anywhere in hockey.

It wasn’t until i had a chat with my coach that i touched the ice again. He told me that we may fall down, we may fail and we may lose, but we persevere and we try harder the next year and the progress we make as a person is better than instant gratification. The next year i decided to go back and play for my coach and i was better for it, he developed me into a better player than i was before. Nowadays i play for the high school team and fill in on a junior team when they need me because i made a decision to stay at home and graduate from independence, but all through my hockey career ever since that moment i have been pushing myself to the limit to be the best player i can be.

Even though people tell me that I am a great player, i still push myself to be better because i know that i am not the best I can be. Ever since that initial failure I have grown and started to push myself harder, playing with the junior team for me was the greatest gratification i could have gotten, when i first failed i would have never thought i would have been able to claw my way back and persevere through all my own self doubt.

The greatest lesson we learn from Failure is perseverance and the ability to take in new skills along the way. Without the failure I went through I don’t think I would be the hockey player I am today, without that disappointment I wouldn’t have pushed myself and wouldn’t push myself to get better even today with the level of hockey I am playing at the moment. I thank my coach for giving me the guidance and the strength to push my way out of the whole I was in and to strive for greatness.

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