"Fahrenheit 451" Ray Bradbury

Envision, a world where violence is prevalent, critical thinking is less important and the ability to make rational decisions is demolished. This vision of a destructive world is conveyed through Ray Bradburys novel Fahrenheit 451. The novel revolves around Guy Montag who has to deal with his destructive government position and inner self- conscious, his government position being a fireman who rather than putting out fires, starts them by burning books. The dystopia Montag is surrounded by and the brain- washed society he lives among, leads him against society to demolish censorship, nd gain the knowledge he has been longing for.

In his novel, Bradbury demonstrates to his readers how censorship was fought against to prevent the destruction of society and government, the fighter in the ring being his man character Montag. By scaring society around him to a point of disbelief in censorship and the destruction of knowledge, Montag perseveres against his own beliefs. But by persevering against these beliefs that society lives by, Montag has to make difficult decisions that may be hard to cope with; the hardest decision being killing Beatty.

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Bradburys use of perseverance and decision making allows readers to feel what Montag is feeling when he goes up against a society, their beliefs and a government he is working for in order to create a more balanced society and government body. Bradbury illustrates an era in which society begins to question change in itself. In addition, he conveys the message that persevering against an old-self, in which society is trying to change, can help one to achieve their goals, in this case, Montag.

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At first Montag goes along with society, pretending to be happy when he really was ot.

But soon he longs to start over with a clean slate, and the old Montag begins morphing into a new. Bradburys transformation of Montag is due impart by Montag’s devoted mission to rid society of censorship and persevere against society itself. From this Montag is finally able to be set free, with knowledge, something he longed Ray Bradburys novel, Fahrenheit 451 , teaches us the importance of perseverance, and how with it, Montag is able to defeat censorship, gain knowledge and morph into a new despite the dystopia he lives in.

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