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As the new chair person of this committee, I would first like to state that the objective of this committee is being revised and approved by the Dean. It is my intention to restate the objective of this committee, and extend its work scope to give personal touch, rather than limit it to the professional academic lives of… View Article

My Future Faculty Mentor

Having the field experience is something that I myself am looking forward. I know that there will be lots of things that I would be encountering as I take my field experience, but one thing that I am looking forward to is working with my future faculty mentor. As I come close to having my… View Article

St. Francis-College of Commerce

Problem Is the proposed of departmental reorganization for the college of commerce should be push thru or not? Areas of Considerations The Organization- A medium sized private University. It is one of the better private Universities in the City and primarily known for its engineering and science degree courses. The College of Commerce Department –… View Article