Factory Farms Essay

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Factory Farms

In the 1970’s the top 5 beef packers had control over 25% of the market,¬†which often leaves them paralyzed because their bodies cannot keep up with the growth. Purchasing food that has been manufactured at a factory farm is like buying a generic product; it looks comparable to name brands but the quality of the product says otherwise. Factory Farms take the easy way out of fixing their problems with manure and disease by using harsh chemicals such as amonia. None of the products produced at these farms have a warning label regarding what people could possibly be consuming.

These farms are stealing the consumers right to know the truth about what they are actually putting into their bodie. Factory farms do not provide consumers with the truth about their products, and factory farms do not provide consumers with a product that is safe to eat. In order to stop this epidemic, people need to educate themselves and fight against this flawed system.

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