Style leaflet or reality sheet that describes the effect of four elements that can influence the health and daily needs of people in society.

Bad Living conditions.

Living conditions can impact your physical, psychological, intellectual and social requirements depending upon the places that you are residing in or the quality of life you lead. Every human is affected in a different way depending upon age or sex. We need to bear in mind that environment that we are residing in can have among the biggest effects on an individual for the rest of their life.

Bad conditions in any house such as cold, damp or mould can intensify and even speed up various symptoms and health problem such as asthma and eczema, or can lead to strokes or a cardiac arrest. As levels of wetness increase, our fundamental physical requirements worsen. We require to bear in mind that our home is our shelter, however we can not feel safe and comfortable if conditions that we live in are not pleasant.

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If your home’s humidity procedure of losing heat is quick in the winter season time you will need to heat up the home longer to feel warm and comfy. In this sort of environment food can get mouldy quicker and doesn’t stay fresh for very long time, so we need to keep in mind to keep it for brief time and take in while in excellent condition.

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Sometimes bad living conditions can make nights sleepless.

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This situation, if constant can lead to exhausting your body, which can cause severe sickness, but also can lead to depression. You’re learning progress and ability to gain new skills are also affected, as you can’t concentrate on goals that you set for yourself. Emotionally you can be in deep depth as well as your physical needs. If you do not feel comfortable in the environment you live in, you cannot build new friendships, as feelings of embarrassment will leading this case. The level of self-conception is poor. How you can feel good, if your background is not really satisfying you? Feelings of being afraid to belong to any of social group are natural, as nobody wants to feel stressed about inviting someone to their home if you know that condition you live in is bad and can scare others. Humidity and a mouldy house can make your clothes smell horrible even if you don’t feel that by yourself, as you live in this condition, other people can smell it. Living conditions can influence on your social needs like a relationship and family. That can cause constant arguing between couples and lead to separation or divorce.

Sensory impairment – blindness

Physical – as blind person your home needs to be adapted to your condition to be comfortable and functional at the same time. You need to feel safe and be safe in your own property. That is why it is very important for a blind person to have someone to assist them on daily basis. Very often it happens that blind people can move around and are using a white stick or have trained dog to help them move around town or even your own house. It is important not to change home decor frequently as a blind person usually remembers where things are and to float around the house by using memory.

Being visually impaired can be really hard especially if you lost your vision in an accident or sickness. You may feel unsafe in your own home as physical comfort been disrupted. Your ability to move is limited, even if you feel like you want to prepare a meal for yourself, you need constant supervision from somebody to help you, and make sure you will not leave gas cooker switched on.

Visually impaired people, to read, use a special language called Braille. By using this form of communication they are able to read and follow instructions easily. Blind people learn by using books written in Braille or by listening to recorded information on CD’s or MP3 players etc. Visual impairment is not a barrier to learn or achieve anything in life. It is enough if you ‘want to’ because you can learn anything you like. Sometimes a situation of non-acceptance of your own condition can be depressive and you may see yourself as not a fully able person or you can feel like you missed something in your life. It is difficult to be open with people as high volume of discrimination is still on display on a daily basis.

To maintain new friendships can be hard and difficult, but if you are actively taking part with events or courses for blind people you should be able to develop more self-confidence. On these occasions’ people with the same doubts and problems surrounds you. This can help to understand and accept your own situation. Blind people recognise voices very well. They can also recognise shapes by using hands and sense of touch. By this method they are able to describe how another person looks like by touching your body or face. This can show that visually impaired people can have normal happy life, and not being able to see it is not a barrier to have a poor quality life and relationship followed by having a family and been loved by someone. By taking a part in groups for visually impaired people you may develop good level of self-esteem. You can feel more accepted and wanted when surrounded by people, which know how to help you and support you on every step.

Lifestyle – smoking cigarettes

If we look at a case of heavy smokers we could say that this addiction can affect almost every aspect of your life. Normally you do not feel the need to eat much oroften as you constantly have the taste of nicotine in your mouth. If you are trying to quit it is more possible that you will look for

cover to your addiction by eating more frequently and more heavy meals.

Smokers usually smoke straight after meal, but when having alcoholicdrinks it is possible to smoke more.

Your home probably (if smoking inside) smells unpleasant and will be surrounded by nicotine odour. Smoking can cause many illnesses and can even cause death. When smoking inside your house you have to be really careful to not burn anything, especially when smoking while you are really tired. Smoking can cause tightening of the lungs so you are at risk of lung cancer development, asthma or other diseases. You are less able to exercise as you getting exhausted more often and quicker than non-smokers.

By looking at your self-conception, you may feel you are better than others but from the other side people can look at you like on weak person being addicted to cigarettes. You may feel like you have achieved something but that is not true. Smoking is not making you better person. If you are onlyperson in your household that has been smoking this can affect your relationship and your family. Your partner may feel disgusted as smokers usually have yellow teeth and smell from their mouth is not really pleasant, even if using special sprays to kill odour.

You can gain a respect from others if you are in group of people that are all smoking but you can easily loose it as well e.g. when smoking around kids or in inappropriate places. Many people are smoking just when going out (social smokers), when meeting friends as they do not want to look different or out of place. Sense of belonging to a community group makes you feel needed and respected by others. Smoking is often used as an excuse for bad mood, but after a cigarette nothing has changed apart from your breath.

Health – chronic disorder:long term back pain

This disorder can affect every day of your life. You need to make sure that your shelter is well adjusted to your needs. Having constant back pain can cause problems when climbing up stairs, so it would be really useful to have a ground flat so you do not need to climb to high or at least have a lift in your block. To have special exercise program to follow would help to avoid worsening pain and making the condition worse. Lifting and carryingheavy items like boxes or heavy shopping can deteriorate this condition even more. If pain is excruciating it is possible to have less sleepless nights, whichcan cause problems leading to depression. Constant back pain can cause many emotional problems.Back pain can be really unbearable, so taking medications that are designed to help us to cope with pain is not a bad move. Some people, by taking painkillers feel weak, but medicine is designed to help us not to make us feel bad about it. People with constant back pain tend to get frustratedand change moods rapidly. Self-conception of how you see yourself may become low and a feeling of not being fully valuable person can lead.

Really, often people are questioningthemselves: why this is happening now, at this time, why me? Finding the answer is really hard especially whenperson is left on its own, but there aremany people with this kind of problems. Trying to sort out all problems on your own by understanding situation is not easy. The best option is to join group that is designed to support aperson on every step through a period of accepting thesituation. Group memberships are designed not just to help you to cope with pain but also to make you feel like normal person. On this occasion you are able to meet new friends and spend quality time with someone else, not just being left on your own at home. In some cases chronic pain can affect the ability to learn and achieve a satisfactory level of success, as ability to concentrate is disrupted by the pain. On the other side, a person affected by chronic back pain can spend hours in an armchair reading books and filling up crosswords, which can expand your knowledge, just to not move around and to not feel a pain.

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