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Factors That Influence Job Design

Factors that influence job design, hiring, training and performance appraisals that supervisors must take into account. Staff members are required to perform a clear set of job activities that are designed to accomplish organizational objectives (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007).

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There are two considerations that should be taken into account when designing specific staff roles. The first consideration is that the job will need to be designed to meet accomplishment of program objectives, satisfaction of key holder expectations; and the clients. The second consideration is that the job should have incorporated elements that provide a working environment for employee’s that is high quality.

If employees have a quality work environment, they will find their jobs stimulating, meaningful and will be more committed to organizational goals (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007).

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Other factors that may influence job design are the need for basic level of knowledge and skills, pay and working conditions.

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Factors that influence hiring are qualifications, education and specific prior experience. Screening grids and checklists are used to organize key information about candidates. The grid provides information about the candidates that relate to qualifications, educations, and prior experience. A check list is also used to provide details that will reflect the ratings for meeting, not meeting, or exceeding expectations. After the screening has been completed, only the best candidates will be considered for further processing. There will also be a need for a certain degree of match between the goals of the applicant and the mission of the organization (Lewis, Packard, & Lewis, 2007).

Careful consideration is given to the use of resources and participant motivation, and so training programs will be based on the assessment of real needs. Certain factors influence job training and these factors are management support, legitimate training needs, Learning objectives, experienced trainer, learner ability and motivation, readiness and emotional support. The most influential factor is management support. Management should provide an environment that is conducive to learning, and encourage professional development. Legitimate training needs will need to be considered, and through a training needs analysis, a deficiency in employee performance can be determined (McDonough, 2011). Learning objectives that are set prior to the start of training are considered an important key factor.

Effective trainers will ensure that the expectations as well as the needs of the employee are met. Employees must have a readiness, ability and the motivation to learn. Employees that perceive learning as a benefit will be motivated, ready and willing to learn. Immediate benefits of new skills learned will increase employee emotional investment. Emotional investment helps employee’s to retain and to relate to the new information they have learned (McDonough, 2011). Performance appraisals can be influenced by certain factors, and it is important that supervisors give these factors careful consideration. These factors are documented process, evaluation of results and follow-up and performance improvement. Performance appraisals are an important process for supervisors and management, and are used to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Documented process will ensure that the performance appraisal will be effective.

Supervisors should be reminded that this process exists, how it works, and where to get assistance if it is needed. Periodic training of performance appraisals may be needed. Evaluation results will provide general information about the performance level of the employees (Chron, n.d.) Supervisors and employees should use this performance appraisal as a tool that will help increase performance. Members of Team “A” discussed personal challenges of supervisor or as a supervised employee. Reading through the personal challenges, I found that we all encountered familiar challenges. Some of these challenges related to the different personalities within the work place and how it can affect a team. Jealousy became a factor as a supervisor, and employees became disrespectful and resentful. Receiving a promotion over other employees that believed they deserved it, were soon scrutinized by other coworkers. Stress relating to longer hours and increased responsibilities is another familiar challenge we all shared. Motivating employees was a challenge that was shared as a supervisor, and the realization of how important motivation is to the team.

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