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Factors That Contribute to Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the pollution of various components of the planet as a result of human activities.

There are many factors that contribute to environmental pollution. A vast majority of causes of environmental pollution are directly related to human activities. Firstly, there is air pollution. The main cause of air pollution is industrial factories. They have been polluting the environment since the beginning of the industrial revolution, due to the fact that they have been burning more fossil fuels. Air pollution is one of the most severe form of pollution since being exposed to air pollutants can have long term health problems occur.

The next form of environmental pollution is transportation. Cars, trucks and other vehicles emit more fossil fuels. The fumes that cars produce into the air contain dangerous gases such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide. The level of environmental pollution caused by transportation continues to rise higher and higher every day. Lastly, water pollution is a major issue that the world is dealing with on a daily basis.

Since a lot of the industries that burn fossil fuels they also have waste to dump as well. They turn to the lakes and rivers and choose to dump into them. The biggest issue with this is that the water sources that are being contaminated feed major crops, which means that food becomes contaminated causing a wide range of health problems.

The effects of environmental pollution can be witnessed every day. Humans play a major role when it comes to pollution but they seem to turn a blind eye to it even though it’s effects will harm them.

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Air pollution has led many people to contract an illness from being openly harmed by the toxins in the atmosphere. It can lead to respiratory and heart problems, which is alarming! Air pollution is also causing global warming to increase at an alarming rate. If temperatures continue to increase across the world, there will be a major disaster if actions are not taken soon to try and counteract the damage that air pollution has caused. Since the industries continue to grow, and people continue to emit fossil fuels, air pollution will continue to effect humans and the environment. Water pollution is said to have been the cause of 1.8 million deaths in 2015, according to The Lancet. The main cause of these deaths are because of the waste being dumped into lakes and rivers which contaminates it. Then people drink from these sources without knowing and are affected by contaminated drinking water. Water pollution does not just effect humans, it also effects ecosystems and plants. Once waste is poured into the lake or river it can cause an algal bloom. This is what stimulates algae growth which then decreases oxygen levels in the water and can kill plants and animals within the water. If environmental pollution continues on this level, the damages could be catastrophic.

Environmental pollution has affected the life of both humans and animals negatively. The ways to prevent pollution would be to introduce conservation methods and sustainable transportation.

Environmental pollution must be taken seriously, since it has a negative effect on the natural elements that are needed for life to exist on earth. It needs to be reduced since it is destroying the world day by day. It should be the responsibility of everyone living on earth to protect the environment, as well as stop contributing to the pollution in their everyday life.

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