Factors that affect the communication process Essay

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Factors that affect the communication process

There are various factors that affect the communication process. Among many of the factors some are very important and play a very important role throughout society, cultural, ethical and individual ways of perspective and communication. Throughout life people have and/or will be faced with the challenge of playing out these roles in society. For example, there are different cultures around the world. In some culture women are to be covered up at all times and are married off to as trade for cattle or money to their father. Where in cultures women are free to dress and marry by there choice. These two women will experience culture shock while communicating with each other. Culture is the values, attitudes and morals, someone is thought that carry over into their social lives. By taken the time to make sure we as people can cultural communication it can keep down most of the confusing in workplace, school and just maybe the world.

Ethnical identify also is an important factor that affects the communication process, because of what is taught cultural and/or in people homes. The ethnicity plays in how two co-workers from different and same cultures interact with one another. For example, in the United States of America during slavery most White Americans where taught and believed they were superior when communicating with African-Americans so the communication was only a one direction channel. When African-American communication between each other back then where thru songs and marking. Ethnical identify is a very touchy subject all over the world and causes racial profiling among all Ethnical groups. The most important factor that these minority races consider are their backgrounds. Ethnical issues can arise due to terminations, promotions, and bonuses.

The individual identity is also an important factor that impacts communication. An individual communicates with others depended upon their own social imagination. This can play a role in which supervisor is admired in the workplace and willing to work with you, or who is most resented. Once others realize this they accept it, and find ways to work around with but remove themselves from the person outside of a work environment. This includes someone’s own personality traits and how they esteem themselves.

Finally the last factor to be discussed is societal identity. This references the roles others play in society. Some people may object to others actions, because they have different backgrounds. In the workplace younger works are said to be better at handle the rapid pace of how things change with technology in the workplace than older worker. This is not a true statement; however this is the depiction of society. The roles people paly such as a supervisor. It allows us to present ourselves a certain way towards our supervisors. I for one have taught and seen older coworkers take the time to learn and catch up with the pace of the change in the workplace.

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