Factors Affecting in Choosing Course Essay

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Factors Affecting in Choosing Course

Marine radars provides bearing and distance of ships and land targets in vicinity from own ship (radar scanner) for collision avoidance and navigation at sea. Radar is a vital component for safety at sea and near the shore. Captains need to be able to maneuver theirs ships within feet in the worst of conditions and to be able to navigate “blind”. This means inside a dark room with no visibility they need to safely navigate their way through waters in the worst of weather.

The integration of these devices is very important as it becomes quite distracting to look at several different screens. Therefore, displays can often overlay charting, radar, sonar into a single system. This gives the captain unprecedented instrumentation to maneuver the ship. With digital backbones, these devices have advanced greatly in the last years.

For example, the newer ones have 3D displays that allow you to see above, below and all around the ship, including verlays of satellite imaging. Not having the correct electronics can lead to serious mishaps, including collisions with other vessels, running around, running out of fuel and getting lost. It is very difficult to navigate waterways without navigation equipment and I t is easy for a captain to get lost. You should have the correct equipment based on the size of your boat.

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