Factors Affecting Digital Divide in South Africa

In South Africa the digital divide is mainly felt by the upper and lower class es. The upper class people have access to internet which gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge where the lower class do not have .


Government is trying by all means to bridge the digital divide but I think what is done is not enough because In this country we still have citizens who don’t have their cellphones because they don’t afford to buy one, this is increasing the gap because one most of those people are not working so they are keep on loosing job opportunities since they cannot be contacted.

Solution – South African individuals who don’t have cellphones that can browse internet or who don’t have it at all should be provided so that they may be able to find jobs and browse internet.

Rural communities

People who reside in rural areas are the most victims of digital divide.

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According to Business insider SA only 54% of Sou th Africans have access to internet and 30% of that 54% are rural area citizens. The study shows that rural area resident are still behind when it comes to using technology.

Solution – rural area resident shouldn’t be left behind, free Wi -Fi with at least 300MB daily limits should be deployed in rural areas libraries and schools.


Middle -school students from higher socio -economic sectors in South Africa tend to perform better on ICT literacy tests than those from lower socio -economic classes because learners from higher socio -economic classes have more acces s to computers at home and their schools have all the equipment that is needed for ICT literacy skills.

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Solution -All scho ols should be equipped with internet connected computers and all teachers should be trained so that they may give students enough te ach.


The deployment of telecommunication centres is not in a good state. In South Africa there are some ar eas where there is no compu ter lab or ordinary library that has computers. People who reside in these areas remain behind with the knowledge of ICT.

Solution – the government should try and find NGO companies that will provide with computers or tablets to residents who don’t have access to ICT.

Internet access

Internet access is the main core of digital divide. Though the internet people can learn how to use computers, how to do online shopping, they can download books etc. Some South African citizens have r estricted access to the internet while others can use it anytime and anyhow they want to. Those who don’t have access are failing to do many thing that will help them on their lives.

Solution : South African data bundle prices sho uld be cut so that everyone will afford to buy and use internet.

I choose HP Pavilion 15 15.6″” IPS Touchscreen Full HD Adaptability -This Notebook can be used for work and personal applications since it has the Intel Core i7 processor which allows the notebook to function in any performance that is required for it to perform also the 4GB RAM is boosting the performance for the user to whatever they want to do.

Ease of Mastery – Windo ws 10 has the help bar where the user can type and search for what are they looking for. If the problem is not solved by searching automatically the system ask if the user wants to get help online.

Leverage -Microsoft office 2016 has spell checker if a per son type a wrong spelling the red line appears underlining that word and if the grammar is wrong blue line appears Accessibility – Acrobat reader DC has tutorials for very first time user. If one download the app and find it hard to use the tutorials are th ere to take them through.

Affordability – it is quite expensive for student but since I am a student and I’m working I think i can afford it as it cost around R 8,999.00.

Participatory 1TB Drive and 4GB ram is big enough for this notebook to be faster, wit h this space the notebook can open many applications once.

Transferability – it has 3 USB ports which I can always use to insert USB drive or external if I want to transfer files from it to another device.

Generative capacity – On the same USB ports I can i nsert external mouse or keyboard if I want to play games or use the notebook when I’m on the bed.

I couldn’t submit assignment three because I had lot of work by that time. Looking at my group discussion (group EUP1501 -19 -S1 -106T) I saw that many students chose notebooks. On the notebooks chosen there are common applicatio ns which every student needs them like adobe acrobat, Microsoft office.

Features Applications

  • Screen size: 15.6″”
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Core i7

  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520
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  • Network Interface: Bluetooth · IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Wi -Fi
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Microsoft office 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Avast and Smadav antiviruses
  • VLC media player
  • Acrobat reader DC

Section C

  • Project Isizwe is an award winning, non -profit organisation which works with the public and private sector to bring internet access to low -income communities across South Africa.
  • The project was needed because the Tshwane municipality wanted to increase the ICT skills and provide free internet access to their community. Therefore the municipality has partnered with Project Isizwe to deploy free internet hotspots within a walking distance in the communities for educational purposes, economic development and social inclusion.
  • The project started by 2013 and it concluded in June 2018.
  • The project connected over four million people since the inception of the project. ·The project managed to install WIFI for about 600 000 citizens. However their contract had to be cut before the finishing time because the project was seen to be brought by a certain party rather than a city project.

Slide 5

  • Major partners
  • City of Tshwane
  • Who initiated the process
  • Project Isizwe
  • Who were the target beneficiaries
  • Tshwane community

Section D

What are the ethical and IPR issues that the faculty are confronted with?

  • The facult y are confronted with plagiarism. English Language Institute define Plagiarism as resenting other persons work/ idea as one’s own without including acknowledgement of its sou rce .one can be charged for plagiarizing.

What are the steps that the faculty shou ld take to address the ethical and IPR issues?

  • The faculty should introduce applications that provide methods for software and documentation to be modified, share and distr ibuted.
  • The f aculty should know and address students about Copyright Information for educational settings.
  • The faculty should give students the copyright guide so that they will read and know the rules
  • The faculty should ensure that all information posted online for students complies with fair use in education.
  • The faculty should t each s tudents that some information and images or applications from the internet are subject to copyright restrictions.

If you were the student who copied and was caught for plagiarism, what are the consequences you would expect?

  • My qualification could be revoked.
  • I could be given a zero on my assignment or exam.
  • I would expect to be called for disciplinary hearing.
  • I could be given advice about plagiarizing.
  • I could receive a formal warning.

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Factors Affecting Digital Divide in South Africa

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