Factors Affecting Bshrm and Bshrs Trainees

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Pictures of Facilities Establishment’s Brochures (scanned) Updated Resume Certificate of Completion of Training (scanned) SWEP Evaluation Sheet (original) Time Card / Time Sheet (original) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I consider this as one of my greatest achievements. This report wouldn’t be a success without the help of significant personalities. I would like to give my outmost appreciation for those who contributed to this report. I would like to thank first and foremost God our Father that gave me strength, guidance, knowledge and patience in finishing my report.

To Mr. Jomar T.

Parel, the students’ practicum coordinator who gave his time and guidance to help the students’ finish the program. His assistance and patience even on difficulties of the training process is well appreciated by the students. To my family, who gave their full support and encouragement, in times of crisis are well appreciated. If it wasn’t for them, financially, none of these would have been possible. Lastly, I would like to extend my thanks to the wonderful, friendly staff and employees of the Makati Prime Tower Suites, who let me, learn a lot about their company and also about hotel industry.

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Students like me were well appreciated. To all, I am forever grateful. Chapter  Makati Prime Tower Suites A gem to be discovered… [pic] MAKATI PRIME TOWER SUITES, located at the heart of Makati’s business and entertainment district, within easy walking distance to a number of embassies, restaurants and major commercial and shopping areas, and a few minutes away from the domestic and international airports.

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Formerly known as the Primetown Century Tower Makati, the Makati Prime Tower Suites have opened its doors under a new management, Prime Tower Property Management

Corporation on June 01, 2003. Prime Tower Property Management Corporation is a locally based management company set up in 2003 to operate the Makati Prime Tower Suites, catering to hotel accommodation and services. The company was established by Mr. Lauro R. Casaclang, as President. The hotel has enjoyed rapid growth since its establishment and plans for further development are underway. The company currently operates the 90-room Makati Prime Tower Suites.

The Makati Prime Tower Suites is a 34 storey condominium hotel complex featuring Studio Rooms, One Bedroom, Two Bedroom, Penthouse and Presidential Suites which is located at the heart of Makati’s business and entertainment district, within easy walking distance to embassies, restaurant and major commercial and shopping areas and a few minutes away from the domestic and international airport A welcome haven for business and leisure travelers, one can easily go bar- hopping at popular nightspots or indulge in a shopping spree at nearby malls. Enjoy a spectacular view of Metro Manila from the view deck and from your own room.

The rooms have a fully – equipped kitchenettes Guests can relax and be pampered at our Prime Spa and Salon that offers the best packages for massage. They can enjoy delicious meals and yummy treats at best package for massage. They can enjoy delicious meals and yummy teats at Our Daily Bread Restaurant and Bakery. Makati Prime Tower Suites have many things to offer. The establishment has a great view of the city right inside of every room of the hotel. The one that really struck me is what they call “deck one”, it is in the highest level of the establishment, where you can see the city on top of it.

Reports suspicious person loitering on guest corridors or unusual happening in the guest room. 6. Responsible in transferring furniture one place to another as the need arises. 7. Checks mini bar and reports daily consumption to Housekeeping and Front Office. 8. Informs coffee shop of food trays/room service utensils in rooms or corridors. 9. Deliver and collect guest laundry. 10. Ensure the vacant room’s clean ready for the guest arrival. 11. Replenish bedroom and bathroom supplies. 12. Prepare room attendant report. Day Shift 1. Make-up dirty rooms and general cleaning. 2. Clean both the bedroom and bathroom. . Change used bed linen on a daily basis. 4. Vacuum room carpet daily. 5. Change used bathroom towels daily. 6. Refill guest room supplies daily. 7. Pay special attention to V. I. P rooms. 8. Clean and stock maid trolley at the bed of the shift. 9. Maintain and clean all equipment at the end of the shift. Evening Shift 1. Change bed linen and bathroom towels as needed. 2. Refill guest room supplies as needed. 3. Inform coffee shop to remove room service trolleys and trays from rooms and corridors. 4. Cleans and stock maid trolley and equipment at the end of the shift. 5. Collects and deliver guest laundry.

Though I learned less at that department I can do anything about it. It’s their rules that must follow. 7th week On my last week I assigned back at the HK department and I like a routinely job I do beddings, sweeping, dusting or oftentimes go back to a clean one. General Perception of the Training The training was so hard yet so easy, Because I enjoying my days and experience of my training. But the hotel is too old and some of the equipment is not so good and broken.

I reflect to the employee whose just doing their job routinely without any complains yet there having fun and they’ve done it without mistake. The facilities, Equipments and the furniture … I mean the whole hotel needs improvement even the parking area needs improvement… But to the way they teach the student, the way they treat the trainees, I have nothing to say because they are so kind and caring. Appendices Pictures in Action Housekeeping Department Front Office Department Pictures of Facilities Establishment’s Brochures

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