Factors Essay Topics

The historical and institutional factors

The historical and institutional factors that contributed to the differences between the current German party system and the one that existed under the Weimar Republic One of the first major ways in which the current German party differs from that of the Weimar republic concerns the way in which democracy was formed. Whilst the current… View Article

Factors responsible for Industrial-Economic Revolution in America

The last decades of the nineteenth century saw tremendous development ion the industrial and economic sectors. The boundless economic expansion was triggered and augmented by the entrepreneurs like Carnegie, Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan etc. the innovations of the Thomas Edison. This scientific and technological adventures coupled with entrepreneurial risks and innovations introduced by great businessmen… View Article

Situational and Procedural Factors

The Local 190 members are the long time workers at the Deloitte plant of ABC. They have been in a long-term relationship with ABC Company and believed to continue and prosper for a more extended period of time. The Local 190 bargaining team (representing 1700 members, all working at the Deloitte plant of ABC) should… View Article

Environmental Factors

There are many environmental factors that affect the global and domestic marketing strategies of organizations. What is necessary is an assessment of the company’s attempts at positioning its product to meet the needs of an undisclosed market. Environmental factors always affect the domestic and international marketing performance of companies in many environments. What environmental factors… View Article

Factors and contributors

People usually love to go by the shorelines, as these have been identified as the home of a variety of fish and other aquatic creatures (Department of Fisheries and Oceans-Canada, 2008). Many of the fish breed their young, and seek shelter and protection from predators (DFO, 2008). Hence the efforts of shoreline stabilization must be… View Article

Macro Factors that Affected Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy Initiatives

A foreign policy is a country’s independent strategy or outline of how a sovereign state will deal with the rest of the world or how it will conduct its international affairs; this may encompass such fields as military, economy and politics. The contours of US foreign policymaking strategies were shaped to a large extent by… View Article

Factors which may affect the Learning Process

The nature of the learning process has been studied by psychologists and physiologists. Many experiments have been performed and the literature on the subject is voluminous. There has been continual process in exploring what is not known about learning. Each year sees new discoveries and new hypotheses. Some proposed hypotheses were proven wrong and some… View Article

Factors Involved in the Tanker Contract

Issues that relate to security are of key concern to all nations (Meyer, 2007). The national security and internal defense are some of the sectors that are allocated lump sums of resources in the budgetary allocation (Meyer, 2007). Such allocations are in line with the perceived importance that the area of defense has. The united… View Article