Facing the Giants focuses Essay

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Facing the Giants focuses

The movie entitled Facing the Giants focuses on the life and struggles of a high school football coach, Grant Taylor. It represents a life full of problems and difficulties but was able to overcome them all because of God’s power and intervention. It centers on the theme that with God all things are possible. it tells about what faith can do in times of difficulties. As a high school football coach his life circles around his team. His goal is to win the game but his team is always on the losing side. He pressures his team towards success but it would not come.

He has friends and family to support him all the time. Later on he realizes that his relationship with God is not that deep and personal. He started to re commit his life to God. He started to build his faith and trust God for every details of his life. This also changes his communication techniques with his team. Using the EMC equation (identified need +intentional resourcing= enlarging the conversation) in the story, the coach identified the needs of his team and find ways to meet and provide this needs. He enlarges the conversation by not just talking about the game but also including God in the whole process.

The coach build his teams confidence and provide all the trainings and at the same time talks about their spiritual life and right relationship with God. They started to have bible studies and become prayerful. Success in every areas of his life followed. Looking at the role of enlarging the conversational context, significant changes in their relationship occurs. It bridges the gaps and promotes understanding, trust and encouragement. The relationships expand and develop into more satisfying and enduring experience.

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