Facilitate the Counselling Process Assessment Essay

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Facilitate the Counselling Process Assessment

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1. Name two signs you would look for to let you know Vara is ready to end counselling.

Two signs I would look for to let me know that Vara is ready to end counselling are, firstly, if Vara is sounding a lot more confident and she looks a lot happier, then she probably is. Secondly, if Vara started to run out of issues to raise and discuss in counselling. I would be able to recognise that Vara is ready to end counselling.

2. Briefly describe how you would support Vara’s sense of autonomy.

I would support Vara’s sense of autonomy by, acknowledging and helping her to recognise, her achievements since beginning with counselling. I would summarise these achievements for Vara. Vara has spoken to her husband Alec, and made him aware of her feelings. This is something she found quite difficult to do in the past. Since Vara communicated her feelings of ‘being fed up and wanting to end the marriage’, Vara and Alec have decided to trial a three month separation. In speaking up for herself she has generated real change in her life. Both Vara and her husband Alec, are looking into the possibility of seeing a marriage counsellor. In seeking this kind of counselling she is showing strength of character, she is looking for solutions and not just running away from her problems. She has the friendship and support of Julie and is trying to increase her work hours as a translator. I would acknowledge that it was Vara that made these changes in her life, not me. This will empower Vara with the confidence to know that she is a strong and capable women who can stand up for herself.

3. Briefly describe how you would inform her about opportunities for further support.

I would inform Vara about opportunities for further support, by communicating to her that although our counselling sessions will be coming to an end, she is always able to reconnect with me, if she feels the need. Vara has indicated that she and her husband are interested in pursuing marriage counselling. I could provide Vara with some contacts for marriage counselling in her local area. Or, if she felt more comfortable, I could arrange a referral for her to a marriage counsellor that I think would be a good match for her.

4. Briefly describe three key steps to assist the process of ending the counselling process with this client.

I would start this process a few sessions before the final counselling appointment. Firstly, I would encourage Vara to express any concerns she may have in regards to managing on her own without the support of the counselling relationship. I would be encouraging Vara to express her feelings about ending the counselling relationship. This will give Vara an opportunity to reflect and prepare for ending the counselling sessions. I would set the final appointment sometime in the future, so that Vara can have time to adjust to the thought of managing on her own. Secondly, I would plan with Vara to have a longer interval between our appointments, so that Vara can try out coping with her issues on her own.

This will enable Vara to discuss any lingering issues that may need some attention before ending the counselling relationship. Lastly I would summarise for Vara the progress she has made, and acknowledge all the accomplishments she has made. She is now a stronger more capable women, who can stand up for herself and take care of herself. I would make sure that Vara knows that I have an open door policy, and that if she ever felt the need to reconnect with me, I would be happy to see her again. 5. Give an example of what you might say to Vara when ending counselling to ensure the underlying issues are managed.

An example of what I might say to Vara when ending counselling to ensure any underlying issues are managed is, ‘Vara can you describe for me some of the strategies you have been using to help bring about the changes you have made’. This will give Vara the opportunity to reflect on how she has implemented these changes, and will reinforce the fact that it was Vara who has facilitated these changes, not me. I would also say ‘what do you think could be some coping skills you could use if these issues start to come up again’.

This will give Vara the opportunity to reflect on how she has coped with these issues in the past, and to list some coping strategies that work best for her and her situation. Again this will reinforce the fact that Vara is the one who is coping with her situation, not me. I would also say ‘can you tell me again, what some of your underlying issues have been’. This will help Vara identify what the core issues are, and will make it easier for her to recognise if these issues come up again, so that she is ready to deal with them.

6. Provide an example of one of your session client notes.

Client session notes.

Clients Name: Vara
Clients Age: 56
Date of session: 20/11/14
Session # 8
Session Duration: 60 minutes
Others present: Nil
Status of session: Kept
Location: Office
Information given by client:

Vara is a 56 year old Polish immigrant. Came to Australia 25 years ago. She has raised 3 children who have all left home. Feeling very unhappy and ‘trapped’ in her marriage. Husband is ‘traditional’ male, who controls finances and has a ferocious temper. She has been secretly working and saving money. She wants to live her own life, but fearful of how she will cope on her own. She still loves her husband Alec. Summary of client’s issues:

Vara has spoken to Alec and they have agreed to a 3 month trial separation, they are looking into marriage counselling. I have offered her a list of marriage counsellors in her area and offered a referral if preferred. Vara will be living with her friend Julie during her separation, and will be seeking more work hours as a translator.

Notes of counsellor:

I feel that Vara has made enormous progress in counselling, and believe that at this point she would benefit from marriage counselling. I have agreed to see her again if she feels the need arises.

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