Facilitate Counselling Process

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1. Explain the function of counselling and the scope of counselling relationships, consisting of professional limitations.

Counselling is a professional development avenue where a client can inform their story to a therapist in a private setting. Throughout the procedure counsellors try to build a relationship with clients constructed on trust and compassion. Counsellors guide customers to accomplish individual objectives, provide tools to be their own option developer and given them the opportunity to come to their own understanding of themselves and/or circumstance.

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Customer development can be achievable with clear, sensible and succinct objectives, which is handled throughout. In some instances referring the customers to secondary services, other expert avenues and alternate programs beyond the counsellors restrictions will enable the customer to accomplish their goals and understanding.

2. Describe to a brand-new client the nature of the client-centred technique to counselling.

Alice, I’m here to listen, compassions and comprehend your story.

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You know yourself, you are the expert of your life, sensation and attitudes, I’m here to help you comprehend what it is you want to achieve. In this forum you are valued, respected and viewed without bias or judgment. I’m not here to inform you what to do or how you ought to feel, I’m here for you. You are telling your story, your sensations are justified, and you will be understood.

3. Identify three important areas to address with clients in the initial counselling session.

Confidentiality – Everything said during the session is bound by confidentiality. No information will be disclosed to a third party without the clients consent. Mandatory reporting – The counsellor is legally bound to disclosure information to relevant governing bodies, breaking confidentiality, in the instance where a minor is in danger and or the client is in immediate danger to themselves or others. Informed consent – The client is made aware of the cost, location, frequency, duration, and note taking of the sessions, out of session contact and late or no show fees.

4. Identify and explain two basic micro-skills of counselling and their purpose in facilitating client understanding.

Counselling microskills are skills used to enhance and encourage communication with clients. Two basic microskils, which enhance building rapport with a client, is Attending and Active listening.

Attending is showing that the counsellor is present to the client. The counsellor seated facing the client, giving the client the impression that the counselor is involved within process; Open posture, the counselor is available to listen to the client; Leaning forward, appropriately showing attention is being shown; Eye contact, appropriate eye contact showing interest and presences; Relax state with the client allows to the client to feel at ease and comfortable.

Active listening allows to consellor to engage with the client, minimal responses can be verbal (hmm, yep) and non verbal (nodding, smile) actions to encourage the client to continue talking, they are being heard and understood. The use of paraphrasing by the counsellor, repeating the client story to them but using own words indicating the counsellor is listening, trying/understanding and empathising with the client.

5. Identify and briefly describe two client disclosures that would require immediate action on the counsellor’s part and what action you would take for each.

If a client has disclosed immediate danger to themself or other the councellor is to call the Local Police department and/the Local Mental Health team. If a minor is at risk of significant harm, whether physical, sexual, emotional, psychological abuse or neglect the Department of community services is to be contacted.

6. Choose one of the following examples of clients’ strong emotional reactions and explain how you would respond in your role as counsellor: aggressive behaviour and reaction, excessively talkative, rapid changes in emotions.

A client excessively talking I would use SOLER, slience as they need the outlet, miminal encourages to show them they are heard, paraphrase or reflect on what they have said to gain an understanding of what it is they are feeling.

7. Identify and explain three reasons why self-reflection is an important skill for a counsellor.

Self-reflection within counsellors is to understand their own emotions, prejudices, bias’s and personal interests. Counselllors need to identify their own countertransference, anxieties and limitations. Engaging with appointed supervisors help counsellors to understand their emotions, create personal development, an outlet. Counsellors are a direct result of their strengths, limitations and values. Time spent on selfreflecting is time spent to better help and understand clients.

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Facilitate Counselling Process

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