Facial Essay Topics

Facial characteristics

Presently, first and initial impressions had been based chiefly on facial appearance. This brought about social stereotyping. Facial characteristics with great emphasis on dental characteristics frequently turn out to be a most important dilemma in life adjustment (Profitt, 2000). Children were brought to orthodontic treatments by their parents for the purpose that the child’s facial… View Article

The phenomenon of contagious smiling

What is a smile and is smiling contagious? A smile is a facial expression formed by flexing those muscles most notably near both ends of the mouth (Wikipedia). Essentially, “a smile is a curve that sets everything straight,” (Dyer 2011). People of all ages smile for numerous reasons. The most common reason for smiling is… View Article

Communication with children

There are many reasons why people communicate these are as follows: Building relationship, it is very important to build a relationship with the children, young people, colleagues and people around us. For instance in the setting I work, the nursery, we communicate all the time to the parents and children to have positive relationship so… View Article

Unit 107 Make and Receive Telephone Calls

Each one of these features has a different working. Loudspeaker- This is so myself and others around me can hear what the clients have to say, coming through the phone rather than a headset. Volume- This is so we can here the clients at the tone we want them weather they have a quiet or… View Article