Facebook: Pros and Cons

Facebook has its pros and cons, but it is definitely one of the best forms of social media. Facebook has been one of the most popular forms of social media since 2012. The purpose of this website was to be a game called Face Mash by Mark Zuckerberg where Harvard University met online, posted pictures of one another, and decided whether they were hot or not. Facebook has always been a good website to make new friends and to express your feelings, but most people have taken advantage of it.

The use of Facebook has been abused for so many years. Instead of it actually being, use to communicate with family, friends, or coworkers, people use it for the wrong purposes.  I am not saying I do not like Facebook because it is actually a wonderful website and is a great way to stay in contact with love ones and to express feelings. There are many positive and negative impacts on Facebook.

One of the many problems I have with this site is that just about any child can access it without their original information. This website is used by people of all ages from eight and up. If children continue log in to Facebook they can be exposed to things too inappropriate for their age. Facebook is the reason for many of the world’s problems.  It has been used in so many wrong ways besides the right purpose.

Facebook is a time-consuming website, and many spend up to six hours or more on it every day.

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Instead of people exercising when they are bored, most people stay attached to Facebook and other websites. Millions of people worldwide are obsessed with this site and sometimes forget to even eat because they are too busy being distracted by it. Facebook has even given a new meaning to the word friend. People instantly have friend requests from strangers and willingly accept them without even knowing the person.  Sometimes the people we think we have grown to know are not actually who we think they are. The information a virtual friend gives is not always honest; however, people are so worried about how they look they constantly update their profiles. It stops them from doing something in the real world and enjoying the life around them, but not the one on Facebook.

With the internet becoming an important part of our lifestyle, it becomes impossible to miss a chance and not benefit from Facebook. It gives people an advantage to reconnect and to post pictures and statuses about what is going on in their lives. College students can benefit from it by creating study groups with their classmates. Facebook is a wonderful tool, and can be used to help students get opinions from their peers and to communicate with their professors. It has many applications that are very amusing such as games and other stuff that will not keep people bored. Presidents and CEOS of businesses use Facebook for both business and personal improvement. There have been many times where I have been sick and reached out to my friends on Facebook and they gave me advice on what is good for curing my sickness. Users can share information in so many areas from schoolwork to health, and even business.

Facebook has grown so much over the years and has become a popular site. It is used daily throughout our lives it has disadvantages and advantages. As, a person who use Facebook every day I think it’s great site just is abused by many users for the wrong purposes.

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