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1. Why and how do people use Facebook?
Facebook is now one of the biggest platform to help people connect with friends and family. People share their information with each other on Facebook. People use Facebook in three broad ways. Firstly uploading and sharing photos, videos or statuses this acts as a means to connect with friends and family, at one click information can be shared with a number of people. Secondly, Facebook offer companies and businesses to create free profile pages, where they can share information about their products and offers.

This helps companies engaging with their customers, learn about them, listen to their feedback and promote their new products and services. Finally, the Facebook platform, which attracts third-party developers to build applications and games catering to Facebook users. This platform has helped Facebook in attracting lots of users. All these functionality has helped Facebook in increasing their user base and developing an internet eco system. Different functionality offer unique advantages to different user group attracting them towards Facebook.

2. Evaluate the success of Facebook Fan pages.
Facebook Fan pages are so successful because they are integrated right into user’s news feeds. If a company has any update or promotes on their page then fans of that page will automatically see it and know about it. In order to make fan page successful admin must update page regularly. Admin can also use photos, videos or other advertising techniques to increase fan’s engagement with the page. These technique catch users’ attention and encourage users’ input if they like the videos or photos, these updates help users remember sales, deals and new products that are being advertise.

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Another advantage with Facebook fan page which makes it hugely successful is that when you promote a Fan page, it shows up on the friend’s feeds making page accessible to friends of fans making it more likely for your friend to like or promote the page.

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