Face-to-Face Communication Is a Better Way of Communication Essay

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Face-to-Face Communication Is a Better Way of Communication

Imagine that your sweetheart keeps talking to you through telephone, the Internet or letters and refuses to meet you face to face even for a meal, what will you do? If I were you, I must be getting crazy! But things like this often happen in nowadays’ society. With the development of communication industry, people are getting used to various so-called fast ways of communication.

Personally, however, no matter how fast and convenient those other communication modes can be, I think we should never abandon the most original way of communication—face-to-face communication, which is more vivid, interactive and easier for us to promote relationships with others. Face-to-face communication can make it more fun and vivid to talk to others, because it contains much more nonverbal languages than other ways of communication. When you talk to a person face to face, you make eye contacts with each other, by which both of you can exchange your inside emotions.

Furthermore, by observing the person’s gestures, you can also dope out his personalities and decide what kind of person he is. And maybe the least important one is that, as the old saying goes,” all men search for beauty”, you can view the appearance of the person you are talking to, which might cause you rub out the birth of love if both of you are satisfied with each other’s appearance. All of these make it attachable for us to feel the person we are talking to is a real and touchable individual.

There are times when you have to deliver exact information to other people, and at such times face-to-face communication will be your first choice, because it creates an interactive and efficient conversation. Firstly, when you are talking to a person face to face, both of you can raise questions about anything you can’t understand, so that the other person involved can explain it clearly in time, which contributes a lot to eliminate the misunderstandings and barriers of your communication.

Secondly, a person’s tone and voice can suggest his present mood, which can make it easier for you to perceive his subtle changes of emotion. Finally, in face to face communication, you can tell whether the words the person spoke are authentic through observing his facial expression , which can also ensure that the person you are talking to is a faithful one. All of these can make your talking more successful and efficient especially when you are negotiating with someone. Maybe the biggest advantage of face-to-face communication s that it can deepen your relationship with others, because it can kill the distance among people.

When communicating face to face, you can see the smile on the person’s face, which will make you feel warm and kind; you can hug each other when you’re getting excited; and even a handshake can make you feel the respect from the other person. All that can make you get closer to each other, which may be hardly made attachable by communicating through telephone or e-mail. For instance, we are far away from home as college students, even if we call our parents almost everyday, we still feel homesick and lonely.

Why? Because telephone can never make us feel as close as meeting each other face to face. And so does it among friends, if we don’t meet each other face to face as often as possible, we will soon feel that our relationships are getting cold. In conclusion, with all factors taken into consideration, I totally agree that face to face communication is better than any other type of communication. Now, try to communicate with people face to face and you will find it more colorful and efficient than calling others through telephone or greeting each other just by sending an e-mail!

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