Face of Freedom Essay

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Face of Freedom

Read the question below and use your knowledge of the time period to write your response. You are welcome to refer back to the lesson; however, all writing should be in your own words. Question: Explain how freedoms for African Americans were socially, politically, and economically limited from 1865 to 1900? Your response should consist of at least three paragraphs including one paragraph for each of the following: social limitations

political limitations
economic limitations

You should also include at least one person, term, or event from the lesson in each paragraph.

African Americans were heavily persecuted in the time period, the late 1800’s as they faced various obstacles that threatened their social, political, and economic freedoms. African Americans struggled to get jobs, even more sparingly was equal pay. They had limits on places they could go to, punishable by ample time in jail. The weren’t able to get a high class job like us Americans. African Americans were not allowed to marry the white or go to the same schools. The African Americans had a hard time living in the 1800’s. Jim Crow’s law is a great example for this.

African Americans were prevented from exercising their new political rights. The Klu Klux Klan were an extremist group that were against the African American. They Intimidated the voters, burned schools, and destroyed homes that belonged to black people and even antagonized the white folks who saw African Americans as people. Also, politicians and other people who strongly disliked African Americans made literacy tests and poll taxes in order to keep African Americans from voting as the tests and the tax sometimes were not enacted upon the white people.

African Americans still had limited economic freedom even after the end of the Civil War. The biggest problem after the Civil War but did not know exactly where to go, especially in the South. The traveled far away, some stayed and did hard labor due to they didn’t have any where else to go or nobody to see. Not everyone was able to acquire their own land, which created the poverty of sharecropping. An example of limitation also is the black codes. The African Americans had to work hard, but is also helped maintain a cheap source of farm labor and sustain social hierarchy.

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