Fabric Selection For The Lounge Essay

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Fabric Selection For The Lounge

I would like to use this fabric for the sofa upholstery of my lounge.  This fabric has a rub test of 30,000 and is medium weight. It is good for “severe domestic use”. It can withstand the traffic of a lot of people in this common area and the color will not rub off on the clothing of the people who would sit in the sofa.  It is medium weight and has a bit of stretch so people could have a soft comfortable seat that could give a bit of support and follow the contour of their body. For durability of the sofa, the fabric will not easily snap out of place at the seams. It is cotton so it can give a comfortable seating in any type of weather.

The dark brown color is nice to camouflage wine, coffee and juice stains as the lounge is where you entertain most of your visitors.I would like to use the mint cotton and the white and Black cotton to cover the throw pillows of the Espresso Chenille sofa. The throw pillows would be displayed alternately. The white with black print will create the necessary contrast to the dark brown fabric of the sofa to brighten up the sofa. The mint cotton will make the sofa space lively and will give balance to the contrasting colors.

The mint cotton has a rub test of 20,000 so the fabric is strong to withstand being hugged, fluffed and manipulated. It is good for” general domestic use” Whoever sits in the sofa and hugs the throw pillow with mint cotton fabric will not have color stains on their clothes.  The white fabric with black print will not stain the clothes of the guests too.

The cotton fabrics will give a soft touch and would complement the sofa well to give it a contemporary look.  This look could also pass as an Asian/Japanese theme for a “zen” ambiance. I would like to use the sage chenille for curtains in the lounge area.  It has a rub test of 40,000 which is good for “severe domestic use”. Usually, children play with the curtains they hide behind it or pull it every which way.

The fabric will not stain the wet sticky hands of the children and the medium dark green color will not easily show off the handprints of the children when they soil the curtains while playing with it.  Should the curtain be tugged to open and close, the fabric is strong enough to withstand constant tugging without ripping.

The fabric is heavy so that it can filter out the sunlight and the fabric will not easily fly supposing there is breeze from an open window. With Creamy white walls, proper lighting (warm white), plants, flowers and other display pieces, the lounge would look fresh and clean and it would be a comfortable place to receive guests.

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