EYMP3 3.2 welfare and welbeing Essay

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EYMP3 3.2 welfare and welbeing

EYMP3 – 3.2
Health visitor – works with the family will visit a child at home as well as see them at the clinic, they will record the child’s weight and height and carry out age milestone checks on the child. If the health visitor has any concerns they would then refer to the GP They would also give advice to the parent/carer or any information that they have. GP – would normally be the first port of call, they will monitor and keep all records of the health of a child, also give advice to the parents/carer and or make referrals if required. Speech therapist –They help child with speech, language and communication difficulties, they also give advice to parents/carer, pre-school and schools 2 Examples of professional advice for promoting the wellbeing of children and families Dentist – Regular check-ups and gives advice on how to keep teeth and gums healthy, cut down on sugary food and drinks, clean teeth every day morning and night and after every meal.

Change 4 life – (www.NHS.uk/change 4lifechildren earlyyearsprovider For early years providers you can sign up as a local supporter, get regular news letters about campaigns and materials, as a childcare professional you can link up with the local community which puts you in a great position to spread the word “Change4life. Good habits are picked up early and a child will became used to eating healthy and nutritious snacks between meals every day as well as being active and have a great chance of becoming a healthy youngster enjoying a healthy life. To reap the rewards you can down load free posters and booklets that help you to help the children aged 2 – 5 years including games and activities that they can play on line to become more active and eat healthy food.

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