Eye and Vitreous Humor Essay

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Eye and Vitreous Humor

From the toxicology lab, what is vitreous humor? Why do forensic scientists use it? Vitreous humor is the clear fluid inside the eye that gives the eye its shape. They use this to confirm results from the blood or urine , but if the drug is present in any of these fluids it should be present in all three. From the survey in the toxicology lab, would you be a good candidate to work in this area of forensic science? Why or why not? I don’t think I would be the best candidate to work in that area I feel like you have to know what is what.. and it seems that they all look alike and making in error in that area can really mess up the entire case From the firearm analysis, what is a rifling number? How is it determined? The rifling number is located inside the barrel of the gun.. they cause the projectile to spin as it as it es through the air, which improves accuracy In the firearm case, what type of gun fired the bullet?

What percentage of deaths in the medical examiner’s office are due to natural causes, homicides, and accidents? In abiding by the code of ethics, forensic scientists must possess what characteristics or ethics? Which of the areas covered would be most interesting to you? Why? The areas that I covered that would be the most interesting to me would be the medical examiner, I feel that being a medical examiner can be tough at times because you can’t mess anything up… but you always are putting the end to the puzzle and it never gets boring because there is a new case everyday.

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