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Preparedness to counter natural hindrances like hurricanes: – though the famous hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita the company can learn to implement various systems that would ensure sustainable demand and supply of the products such as oil and gas by creating and increasing demand in other areas. Addition of service stations instead of exiting from retailing would also be a good marketing trend that would ensure that the company products and services are readily available in designated service stations.

In terms of specialization, the company would ensure that the company’s brand name and image remained carried by the retailing and service stations around the globe.

Sustainable growth: – through the well established image and company name as well as the stable client base worldwide, the company would comfortably venture into new lines of business. The company’s top management can therefore explore totally new areas of business that may have not been exploited before by petroleum companies in the oil and gas industry.

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Through acquisitions and mergers, the company’s capability to achieve this goal/objective can be greatly enhanced. Since the major merger between Exxon and Mobil, there have not been similarly significant mergers and the company can explore such opportunities. Global workforce exchange programs: – through deployment of the company’s management as well as top workforce to other operational sites worldwide, ExxonMobil can be able to enhance employees experience and knowledge of its global operations and shield the company from lack of flexible skilled staff.

This would ensure that if the company lacked skilled expertise in one given area anywhere in its global operations, it can easily cushion its human resource needs by deploying skilled staff from other offices.

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Higher flexibility for staff: – Majority of highly effective and competitive companies and organizations around the world base their success in the innovativeness and horizontal management efforts that offer and equal opportunity environment and demand respect for all employees and their contributions.

ExxonMobil could explore a more horizontal management strategy to allow its staff to have the space and freedom to explore and present innovative ideas that would highly promote and enhance the company’s operations and businesses around the world.

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Exxon Mobil - Products

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