Extreme sports risky but worth it?

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment, the adrenaline rush, and the overall excitement of taking part in a severe sport for the first time. Whether it be skydiving or successfully landing a dive on your snowboard or skis for the first time. Extreme sports are everything about huge threat, and big benefit. To me there are four classifications of extreme sports the ones carried out in the air, water, on the ground, or on the snow. They can vary from mountain biking or leaping out of an aircraft with nothing but a parachute connected to your back.

To some individuals, they see severe sports as an unneeded danger. However to others these high threat sports exist passion and they could not see life without it. I keep in mind the first time I went snowboarding and I didn’t see the point, I believed it was boring and I questioned how individuals could enjoy it. But this was only since I wasn’t proficient at it, and due to the fact that of that I was frustrated.

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When I made that extremely first diminish the hill without falling, that was awesome, it was a big self-confidence booster and it was kind of like hearing the Beatles for the very first time, just fantastic.

Looking back now I am very happy that I chose to get back on the board and teach myself how to ride due to the fact that it is currently one of my most favourite things to do. I enjoy it a lot since now when I am racing down a hill it feels so refreshing, restoring, and revitalizing.

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I still remember the first time I landed a jump and the excitement and rush that included it, I just wanted to do it again and once again, and at that point I wasn’t worried about any of the risks included with landing that dive, due to the fact that everything felt so… worth it. Lots of people have actually been terribly hurt doing severe sports, for instance; Jeb Corliss who was base leaping in a wing suit in South Africa when he crashed into some rocks at 120 mph and suffered devastating injuries and several damaged bones.

He made a full recovery and went right back out to base jumping about 4 months after the accident. Kevin Pearce is a snowboarder who was trying to perfect a trick in the half-pipe ended up suffering a traumatic brain injury. Doctors weren’t sure that he would ever regain the ability to walk again. Not only did he learn to walk again, but in only two years he was back out on the slopes. Bethany Hamilton is a surfer who came face to face with death after she lost her left arm to a shark while surfing in Hawaii. She is now back out on the water surfing with only one arm. To these extreme athletes they have a passion for the sport and they have gone through severe injuries in which they recovered or only have one arm. Yet even going through those experiences they still want to get back on their board or in the air with their wing-suit to continue to do what they love doing. They rather take the risk with their sport then stop the sport completely, because to them the benefits outweigh the risks.

The number one reason I think that people don’t try an extreme sport in their life is that they don’t want to be putting there selves at risk, because to them there is no reward, because they have never felt what its like to have an adrenaline rush or that they aren’t thrill seekers. All it takes is education on the sport and how to stay safe while doing the sport, what kind of gear is needed and what type of training they should go through beforehand. It is also important to know the risks and the dangers of what your doing and how to react to those types of situations. It is also important to know that you can never be too safe. I think that if we all get out one day and try something extreme or out of our comfort zones, afterwards we will like it and get the I want more kind of feeling. At that point I think the benefits of the extreme sport outweigh the risks.

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Extreme sports risky but worth it?

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