Extreme Sports Essay

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Extreme Sports

People feel the need to explore different things, such as traveling to a far place, living a totally different life, or trying activities that are totally new. The article in Tampa Bay New Times notes that humans are similar to animals that have a desire to explore and try out adventures (Plaskett, 2000). Plaskett (2000) explains that for animals, adventure is craved because it provides fresh sensory input that help in the stimulation of their bodily systems. This helps in their development.

For humans, the reason lies in the adrenaline rush that is derived from pushing physical limits and challenging one’s self, such as engaging in extreme sports like water rafting (Plaskett, 2000). Bungee Jumping. Plaskett (2000) further explains that doing things that are new is good because extracting one’s self from routine changes a person. It helps a person find new strengths and interests. It makes life more exciting and meaningful (Plaskett, 2000). Bungee jumping is a popular sport nowadays, especially for people who dare to try extremely dangerous sports.

Around the world, people are trying out bungee jumping. Two of the most popular sports for this sport are Australia and New Zealand. It is noted though, that bungee jumping looks into the age of the person attempting to do it. Thus, people below eighteen are generally required to obtain parental consent before they will be allowed to do bungee jumping (Gapwork. com). In an article published in the Washington Post, bungee jumping, one of the more popular extreme sports, is the center of attention due to serious accidents in Michigan which led to serious bodily injuries and death.

These injuries are reportedly related to operator error (Phillips, 1992). This article likewise notes that at the time, Florida had eighteen commercial bungee sites. These sites are believed to be unsafe by their nature. Thus, officers are being convinced to shut down the operations of these commercial bungee sites. However, it is reported that despite the number of accidents leading to serious injuries and even death, a lot of people are still lured into trying out this extreme sport. This trend is observed, not only in Florida, but also in various parts of the world (Phillips, 1992).

In a study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, it was attempted to determine whether bungee jumping could result in brain damage. Noting that the release of the S-100B protein indicates traumatic brain damage, the authors tested in several individuals whether bungee jumping led to the release of this kind of protein (Woertgen, Rothoer, Sauer & Brawanski, 2001). The existence of S-100B protein is determined from blood samples taken from participants before and after the bungee jump.

The study results show that despite the acceleration and deceleration forces to the brain resulting from the jump, there is no activation of the release of the S-100B protein. Thus, it appears that bungee jumping has no negative effect on the brains of people (Woertgen, Rothoer, Sauer & Brawanski, 2001). Scuba diving. Another famous extreme sport is scuba diving. SCUBA stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. ” This means that people dives underwater for pleasure and sight seeing, where they are allowed to breathe using a mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is attached to a tank that contains compressed air.

Scuba diving often involves going more than one hundred feet underwater (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2008). The growing interest in scuba diving has been an affective factor in promoting tourism, particularly marine tourism. In a study in a national park in Thailand, it was shown that scuba diving leads to economic benefit (Asafu-Adjaye & Tapsuwan, 2008). Considering that scuba diving involves high risks, training courses are often given to aspiring divers, whether they are beginners or professionals. There are many different agencies that are certified for training scuba divers (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2008).

Different dangerous conditions could result from scuba driving. These include inner ear barotrauma, pulmonary barotrauma, and arterial gas embolism. These different conditions are brought about by improper breathing or irregularity in the pressure inside the body during the dive. The last kind is quite a serious diving injury, since it involves the entrance of bubbles to a person’s blood stream and brain, which could result in paralysis and loss of consciousness (American Academy of Family Physicians, 2008). Conclusion. Different extreme sports have become popular around the world in recent years.

These include bungee jumping and scuba diving, among others. The main reason for the popularity of these sports is the adrenaline rush derived from these activities. Nevertheless, it is very important that a person engaging in these sports be properly trained and supervised to prevent any untoward accident that could be dangerous to his life.

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