Extracurricular Activities in School as the Stressors in High School Students

Do you think high school is stressful today? From a student’s point-of-view I think it is more stressful than it should be. I believe that school should start later and we should only have our four core classes, Math, English, History, and Science. This relief some stress and worrying out of all the students’ minds. Students would be a lot more focused because there are only four classes instead of seven. This could also allot for more time to do homework and study not only for their classes but also standardized tests.

There are students who do extra-curricular activities and many who wish they could but don’t have the time too because of their seven classes.

Often students are being told to stay focused, pay attention, get on task, or stop slacking almost everyone is familiar with these terms. Most time it’s a teacher telling them or their parents, sometimes it could be stranger on the street telling them.

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Often time students ask for people to cut them “some slack” because they have seven different classes to focus on and it can get very difficult to stay on task all the time. If students just had four core classes they would only need to worry about four classes instead of seven. They wouldn’t have to worry about grades as much especially in electives like Spanish and other studying intense electives. Their grades would improve along with their standardized test scores as a result of more time to study.

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Supposedly the reason why they do not get the best grades that they are capable of having is because students don’t study or do homework enough. That might be the case but what do you expect? They have seven different classes, 8hr of straight learning with 1 50min break in the day and some students have 12-14hr days between the time they wake and the time they get home The first thing they want to do when they get home from a long hard day at school is take a nap and the last thing they willing to do is study or do homework. But if four classes were assigned to each student parents wouldn’t have to worry about if their kid was getting it done as much because there wouldn’t be as much to do. Students wouldn’t procrastinate as much as they do now because there would be less work to do and would just get it done when they get home. This will improve their homework and test grades which improves overall grades and that would give them a better chance of getting into a good college.

Most students are involved in extra-curricular activities. If they only got four classes students have more time to participate in after school activity which means a better chance to succeed in doing what they love to do. Kids who do stuff after school are knowing to sleep in class and pay less attention because of sleep DE pervasion because of the lack of extra time after school. There would be less of this happening because these kids would be able to get home earlier after their activities and be able to get homework done on time.

I believe that schools should cut students school day and give them only their four main courses because there is nothing negative that comes out of it every aspect of it is very positive. Students would be more focused and their grades would improve drastically. Also they would have more time to do the sport or activity that would influence our chances to getting into colleges.

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