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Extracting DNA from a Strawberry

Categories: DnaWater


The test compared each group’s results which later helped in finding out which temperature the DNA become more visible. But the true purpose of the experiment was to learn how to examine and amylase the extraction of DNA material from a strawberry. This was done through six different groups using three different Temperatures of controlled ethanol


  • Background info for experiment explaining science behind experiment
  • State problem/ hypothesis
  • State object


Independent variables:

  • The strawberry mixture
  • Salt

Dependent variables:

The amount of DNA extracted

Controlled variable:

  • water bath
  • strawberries
  • ethanol
  • water
  • detergent
  • strawberry mixture
  • time


  • Chopped up strawberries
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Sodium
  • Liquid Detergent
  • Enzyme
  • Ethanol
  • Beaker (100 ml)
  • Spatula
  • Filter Funnel
  • Coarse Cloth
  • Vial/Test tube
  • 10ml Measuring Cylinder
  • Warm Water
  • Hot water bath (60-65°)


  1. An explanation and demonstration were given.

  2. Aprons, safety glasses along with materials and equipment were collected.
  3. The DNA source strawberries was mushed in a mortar and pestle. A small amount of salt and 10mls of warm water was added to the strawberry puree.

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  4. A coarse cloth was placed on top of a funnel that was used as a filter for the mixture, which had a beaker below that was used as the storage for the filtered strawberry puree.
  5. 2mls of detergent were than measured and added the mixture
  6. The mixture was placed into a hot water bath for 10mins.
  7. Then it was removed and allowed to cool under running water
  8. A pinch of enzymes was added to the mixture and gently stirred using a circular motion
  9. The mixture was then poured into a test tube.

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  10.  The vial was tilted on an angel as ethanol was slowly poured down the side.


Present results of prac e.g. photos, tables, graphs etc.


  • Talk about results here
  • What did you observe
  • Talk about how results can be applied to real world


What went wrong. To begin the prac there was not any eshus bu later on minor problems started popping up. Our fits problem was loosing track of time while the mistuxute was placed in the hot water bath. So we ened up doubling the amount of time required for the strawberry mixture. The second problem was rushing the prac. The DNA experiment was done very close towards the end of the day so time was not something on our side.

How did it effect data?

How can you prevent this reoccurring?

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