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Extract One: Explore how the author presents Hyde in this extract Essay

Hyde is presented as an ugly, deformed creature in the first extract, who seems to be naturally evil and causes others to feel so much hatred towards him. His actions instantly show his evil character when he “trampled calmly over the child’s body”. The verb, trampled shows his aggressions and his intent to harm the child. It was clearly deliberate. However, it also uses an adverb “calmly” which is an oxymoron because it contradicts the violent motion of trampling. This oxymoron shows how he is hurting the child with no care, sympathy or regret. His calm composure with no signs of regret continues as Mr Hyde remained “perfectly cool and made no resistance”.

Using “perfectly” before cool emphasizes that he showed no care or remorse at all, although he has clearly hurt the girl, who was “screaming”. It portrays Hyde as very heartless and evil, particularly as he had trampled on an innocent girl, who would have not created any motive for Hyde to hurt her. The fact that she was a girl makes her seem more vulnerable too, presenting Hyde as more merciless. Furthermore, his lack of speech further reveals his nonchalance and disregard to the girl’s pain. He does not speak at all throughout the whole of the extract, even when Enfield “collared him”, so is not trying to defend himself or apologize for his terrible actions; he shows very little care in what has happened.

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Hyde’s hideous and ugly appearance is also portrayed in the first extract. Hyde’s look was described as “so ugly that it brought out the sweat on me like running”. When saying that it was “so ugly”, it emphasizes how obnoxious Hyde’s appearance was. In addition, sweating is usually an instinctively response to something which you cannot control. The fact that by looking at Hyde, Enfield had an instinctive response to be frightened and sweat, shows how there is something different about Hyde that makes the people loathe him. Enfield also described Hyde as “some damned Juggernaut”, presenting him as a senseless man who is doing crazy things, with no regard to other people. The adjective, “damned” emphasizes the hatred Enfield felt towards him and the fact that it has a religious connection implies that the disgust was so great.

Finally, the reaction of the doctor towards Hyde after he tramples on the girl shows that the hatred was instinctive. Enfield described the doctor “as emotional as a bagpipe” and so clearly the doctor must not be affected too much by the screaming girl, especially as the girl was not seriously injured at all. However, he turned “sick and white” every time he looked at Hyde. It must therefore be an instinct to loathe Hyde as a usually emotionless man is feeling so much hatred towards him, although he has not done too much to hurt the doctor. In addition, the doctor also had “the desire to kill him”. This is heavily ironic as he is a doctor, who is meant to save and cure people, but has been affected so much that he wants to kill Hyde.

The word “desire” emphasizes how much he wanted to kill Hyde and it felt as if it was the doctor’s goal. This shows that the detestation is clearly an instinct as it would never be a characteristic of a doctor to want to kill someone so much. However, it was not only the doctor who was affected and in fact Enfield accepts he also wanted to kill Hyde. Hyde had been so hateful that a group of respectable people had been changed so much into becoming animalistic with desire to kill someone. It clearly indicates that the hatred Hyde has towards him is so different from others and is almost like a human instinct

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