Extra Credit for Reflective Essay

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Extra Credit for Reflective Essay

My writing is nowhere near what I would consider good. I am the only one to blame. As I previously stated in other class assignments, I dropped out of high school in the middle of ninth grade. Ever since then, I never did any sort of writing, unless it was for work. Instead of working on my writing and education in general these past 6 years, I have been ignoring the fact that being educated will get me further in life and help me live more comfortably. What pushed me get back into school was the birth of my daughter as well as my interest in becoming a police officer.

Aside from my horrible credit history, I knew from the start that my writing needs improvement if I even want to get through the screening process for new hires. In class, I realized how much there is to writing certain texts. Specially with essays, there was terms mentioned that I was not thought with or I just simply forgot about them. Learning grammar was of great help to me as I see grammar as my biggest weakness when it comes to writing. I specifically remember the presentation about proper usage on the apostrophe, because I was guilty on using it incorrectly with plural nouns.

What I would have liked, however, is that grammar should have been taught not by the students, but by the professor. Some of the presentations seemed very important and essential to writing but they were not all clear to understand. Others had good information but it was hard for me to keep interest as the speaker read line after line of text of what seemed to be copy and paste definitions. Aside from that minor flaw, I thought the class was good overall. I just wish I had more free time so I can take another class that supersedes this one.

If I get thru the hiring process, I will have to be a good writer as police officers have to generate many accurate reports throughout their work day. Since incorrect grammar can completely change the meaning of something, I do not want it to be my weakest link when it comes to my law enforcement career. Especially since being a bad writer is correctable.

Whether I take another class or buy a book on grammar, I will attempt to improve it. Even if its a little at a time. As long as I am moving forward and not backwards, my future looks brighter than before I got back into school.


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