Extinction of Glaciers Essay

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Extinction of Glaciers

French Swiss Alps, Perito Moreno in Argentina, Aletsch in Switzerland, and Mount of the Schlatenkees near Austria – all of these are glaciers. Glacier is a large body of ice moving around waters and formed from compressed ice. Although for years these glaciers are continuously moving and supplying fresh water for people, it was discovered that not too soon these glaciers would be shrinking and melting rapidly that may cause floods, avalanches and icebergs – all possible because of global warming. Glaciers are mostly located in mountainous regions, however there are some found near cities and towns within or close to bodies of water.

As they develop and reduce or melt in response to the climate changes, there had become a tendency of endangering the lives living near the perimeters of these glaciers. As these glaciers melt, the sea level rises and contributes to the thermal expansion of ocean water that may cause flash floods. This hazardous event can also occur in areas with glacial rivers causing for glacial lake overflows. Another perilous effect by the melting of glaciers is avalanches from glaciers snouts. The loosely attached pieces of ice and snow are the main components of avalanches and any disturbance to its balance will trigger the event.

The melting of glaciers in mountain ranges is one of the causes of avalanches. Icebergs are the broken off parts of glaciers in the sea as a consequence to the shrinking of glaciers. This had become a threat especially at sea lanes where cruise ships pass by worldwide. An evidence of the danger by icebergs is the historic sinking of Titanic in 1912 after the collision of the Titanic ship with an iceberg. These natural disasters that are effects of the melting of glaciers could not only threaten the lives of the people near these areas but could also kill them.

All the bone-chilling events above are the results of many natural and human activities. However, rapid global progress resulted to increase in environmental pollutants that eventually lead to global warming. Melting of glaciers is hastened by global warming which in turn trigger events in a “domino effect” that could possibly wipe out our entire race.

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