Constraints of Geography on Agriculture in Developed World: Overcoming Limits?

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To what extent have the constraints of physical geography on agriculture been overcome in the developed world.

There are many constraints of physical geography which influence agriculture in the developed world. Farmers wish to overcome these constraints the best they can so that they are able to achieve the best possible result in their agricultural year. The main constraints which farmers have to deal with are the Climate, Soil, Relief and Altitude.

The Climate is a major constraint for farmers in the developing world.

In order for a farmer to grow a good crop or graze good sheep the amount of rain water must be balanced. Having too much, or too less rain water will decrease the quality of the farmers products.

Farmers are able to artificially water their crops using timed water sprayers, which are put in the crop field. This method is used when there is an inefficient amount of rain water in order to water the crops efficiently.

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If there is an excess amount of water when the crops are being grown, farmers often irrigate the soil using drainage systems in order to get rid of the excess rain water which can damage crops.

The temprature is a very important factor within the climate constraint. In most developed countries it is most important to make sure that the temprature does not fall too low which is more likely to damage crops, for examplpe evaporating moisture out of the soil. In order for farmers to make sure that their crop grows successfully they can grow more delicate crops such as flowers and small trees in green houses which guarantees a sufficient temprature for them to grow at.

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If crops which are grown outside are at risk of being damaged by frost then farmers may use oil burners in the field in order to prevent frost damaging and destroying a crop. A less costly method of preventing frost occurring on the ground is covering the ground and crops with sheets which acts as an insulator. Geniticly modified seeds are also available which can be sewen earlier in the year when the temprature is not so low. The greenhouse may also be used by farmers if the light is not bright enough for the crops to grow at.

The soil in which the crops are grown is a very important part of everyday farming, therefore is a constraint which needs to be overcome as best as possible by the farmer. Most soils contain minerals and trace elements such as Boron and Iodine. In order for the crops to grow successfully, the soil type must suite the crops need. Farmers use both natural and chemical fertiliser to enhance the soil quality. The fertility of the soil i.e. composition, depth and texture are factors which the farmer will need to take into account. Farmers are able to change both the depth of the treated soil and the texture by plouging the field. Farmers tend not to use too many chemicals in the soil as they can destroy precious minerals which are much needed.

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Constraints of Geography on Agriculture in Developed World: Overcoming Limits?
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