Extensional definition Essay

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Extensional definition

Success, a word that has a very subjective and ever changing definition. To many success is measured with the amount of cars one has or the size of ones house; to others success is just thriving with what is available. Although success has many different meanings across the world there is two that stick out; Thriving with what you have at your disposal, and being able to live comfortably and without any worries.

If one was to ask a child that lives in California what is their definition of success; he/she would probably answer, success is having a lot of cars and a big house. This is generally what people in westernized countries define success as. But if you were to ask a child in a farming town in China what he/she would define success as.

The answer would be, to make it through life with enough food and survive. This is what the definition of success use to be everywhere before there was so many amenities in life. The definition has changed drastically, and has evolved with the economy. Thriving with what you have at your disposal is what everyone does but some have much less than others and vise versa. This is one definition that has stuck with word throughout time; but is interpreted in many different ways.

The other definition of success that sticks out is that success means being able to live comfortably and without any worries. A very close family friend has said this many times “Being a successful dentist has its perks, I don’t have to worry about anything besides my practice and it is a very comfortable lifestyle.” This gave me a new perspective on what the definition of success was at a young age. He unwittingly taught me that success is making life as comfortable and as worry free as possible.

To do this one would think they need copious amounts of money to do this but that is wrong. Many people try to live outside of their means to make them look like they are successful but doing this they are actually doing more harm to their success than helping it. One does not need to make a six figure salary to have success. What one need is the right mind set, which is not to live outside of your means and everything you are not doing to better yourself is harming your success in the long run. For example one does not need to take a loan out on a car, spend what you already have. doing this will instill upon you to not spend outside of what you have.

Success, there are countless definitions for the word. The two that stand out are both subjective definitions, and they are completely different. Thriving with what you have at your disposal, and to be able to live comfortably and worry free. The definition of success changes with the economy and the living standards of the world. At the end success is what you make it.

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