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Expository Prose Assignment Essay

Essay Topic:

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1.Ed Pilkington purpose for this article is to inform the audience that he wants to abolish the rule of execution because in this article, the U.S legal system made a fatal mistake by sentencing an innocent man to his death.  This article is in expository style because it has a thesis that explains what he is going to talk about and it has the proper structure of beginning, body and conclusion. Another reason is because the author is explaining his knowledge on what he believes on, which is informing his audience by sharing the trail of an innocent man.

The thesis in this article is explicit. It is explicit because the author clearly states it in the article near the beginning. “It is now clear that a person was executed for a crime he did not commit, and his name –Carlos Deluna – is being shouted from the rooftops of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review.”

This article is also considered in expository style because it includes methods of exposition.

One of the methods that are being used is the short anecdote. This method is shown when the author explains a short flashback of the day of the murder and this evidences to the audience that there is proof that Carlos Deluna is innocent. “Carlos Deluna told the jury that on the day of the murder he’d run into Hernandez, who he’d known for the previous five years. The two men, who both lived in the Southern Texas town of Corpus Christi, stopped off at a bar.

Hernandez went over to a gas station, the Shamrock, to buy something, and when he didn’t return Deluna went over to see what was going on.” Another method is used when the author contrast the trial of OJ Simpson with the Carlos trial. “This wasn’t the trial of OJ Simpson.” The author uses this method because he is trying to reach out to his audience by saying that this case has no real evidence that Carlos Deluna is the real criminal.

While contrasting to the case of OJ Simpson where there was actually proof that OJ was the murderer. The third method of exposition that is used is the process of cause and effect. This example is shown when the author explains how the detectives failed to carry out important evidence like blood samples. The cause in this case would be the detectives not examining blood samples and the effect would be the death of an innocent man

2.The rhetorical situation in this case would be any American citizen that listens or reads about the news and the writer would be Ed Pilkington in New York Times. Ed Pilkington is grabbing the attention of American citizens by informing the citizens that a fatal mistake; made by the U.S legal system caused an innocent man to his death. This article is written for almost all Americans because Pilkington is sending a message to the citizens that they should be more aware of the U.S legal system from now on because miscarriages of justice might happen again.

Another reason why this article is for all U.S citizens is because the structure of the article is not long and not too difficult to read. The structure of this article is simple and easy to understand. Pilkington made his paragraphs short but long enough to explain the article precisely. Meaning all Americans can read this article, not just intellectual geniuses. Lastly, the nature of the relationship between the author and the reader is American to another American. The reason for this is because Pilkington wants all Americans to hear about his article, not just specific amount of people. So Pilkington (an American) is explaining his story with other Americans.

3.The definition of style is a characteristic manner of expression, combining the idea that is being expressed with the individuality (the particular voice) of the author. Style includes such general qualities as diction, sentence structure and variety, imagery, rhythm, coherence, and emphasis. In this article the style the author uses is simple and understandable. The author uses some of the qualities that are mentioned in the definition. One of the qualities the author uses is diction. The diction in this piece of article is informal and easy to understand.

The vocabulary is not difficult and it is easy to read so most Americans will be able to understand the entire article. Also another style quality that is used is the sentence structure. The sentence structure of this article is short but exact. Meaning it has the right amount of important information and since its short, most readers would not lose interest from it.

4.The relationship between the audiences is Ed Pilkington the author, to any American citizen. Ed Pilkington in this article seems to know his audience very well. He grabs the audience’s attention by using an easy type of style that can be understood by the general public, while still explaining the author’s opinion. The author not only grabs the audience’s attention, he expresses his purpose through out the whole article. The author’s purpose is to try to convince his audience that the capital punishment of execution should be abolished.

Like I said before, the author uses a style that is effectively easy for the audience to understand the meaning of criminal and political matters. Even though the author’s style makes the article well written, the article seems to be less effective then effectual. The author explains the article by implying the meaning in one case. The author could have compared more articles on fatal mistakes from the U.S legal system because the trial occurred few years from now and as years go bye, the Government legal system has been improved.

Furthermore, the article is effective because the author proves his thesis by describing how an innocent man was sentenced to death but the fact that the author used one example, makes it a risky decision to follow. So overall, the author proves his thesis by using the right type of style, but the concept of abolishing the lethal injection does not seem comprehensible with the proof of just one article.

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