Expository Essay on Exercise and Obesity Essay

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Expository Essay on Exercise and Obesity

Some say that a decreased amount of sleep time can be associated with the increase of body fat. Insomnia or sleep apnea or even RLS (restless sleep syndrome) are just three out of many different types serious sleep that can also in fact lead to all kinds of increased risk several other chronic health problems. Multiple studies have explained the sudden impulse of these sleep disorders and the links its shares on obesity, these are very important links in contemplating the relationship between sleep disorders obesity.

Physical fitness and good eating habits are important prognostic tools in obesity and chronic disease; there are several studies that have examined the likeness between obesity, sleep disorders, and exercise. It also explains how different sleep disorders may impact the physical fitness regimen responses and how extremely overweight may impact lifestyles of the patients with regard to sleep disorders will also be reviewed. (Hargens, 2013) (Nature & Science of sleep. 2013 Vol 5 p,27-35. 9p.

The explanation to these issues include better understanding of the medical community, However, it does still remain brainless about these ailment processes of work out and sleep destitute patients. For the most part doctors recommend medications with side effects that include insomnia and weight gain instead of giving out information to their patients that help them to get better standard of living improvement. This often entails exceptional doctors’ with outstanding management such as medication with no negative side effects. [ (hargens, 2013) ]

Many studies have established the link between sleep deficiency and both obesity and even the illness called diabetes. By getting a good work out may improve sleep destitute patients and their daily functions, additionally to gaining weight and metabolism function. Obesity has been a main part in the connection with SC and DC in women, and DC in men. (Grandner) April 24 2013 The resolution to these issues contain better understanding of the health community, However, it does still continues to be dense about these ailment process of obesity. exercise and sleep destitute patients.

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