Expository Essay: Body Image Essay

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Expository Essay: Body Image

Most women could agree that it can be rather frustrating and sometimes difficult to find the perfect clothes for that perfect fit. Oftentimes many women may feel they look fat in their skin tight jeans, or do not have nice, shapely legs to wear those cute short shorts during the summer months. Some women may have some extra padding they would like to conceal, whereas others may want the extra padding. There are specific body types for all women, and when people refer to body types they may refer to a pear shaped body that entails acquiring a slender neck, narrow shoulders, small bust line, a shapely waist, and generous lower hips and full thighs. Some women may have a round figure, which may give them a giving bust, fuller back, generous middle, narrow hips, and slender legs (which many women may love to have). In any case, many plus sized women face conflict concerning selecting clothes; however, there are numerous options that can flatter any body type.

Accentuating Assets

For those women who know they have a grand set of brilliant, voluptuous breasts, remember that cleavage is a much more tasteful and yet sexy way to go then trying to show full breast for the world to see. Instead, try wearing a slinky halter neck dress or shirt to skim modestly over breasts and show off any curves. Also investing in a well fitted bra will also help in accentuating those brilliant beauties. At hand, there are countless women with amazingly shaped, long, slender legs and many women with nice, toned arms. A woman with long, shapely legs could be wearing above the knee skirts or short shorts. Women with the nice toned, muscular arms should try wearing more sleeveless shirts or dresses to show off those shapely toned muscles.

For women who seem to have that excess skin under the arms, try opting for a shirt with fitted sleeves just above the elbow to help minimize any sagging they may not want seen. Women are continually trying to focus always on hiding what they do not want to be seen. However, instead of trying to focus on hiding what they do not like about their body, they should try to focus on what they do like most and in turn; the observer will focus more on the positives rather than the negatives. Remember, focusing more on showing off the goods will derail the audience in trying to focus on any flaws a woman is trying to cover up.

Jeans and Pants

It is true for some women that the pants or jeans they buy just do not look or feel right on their body. Do they feel they make them look larger than they are? What if these pants or jeans make them look even slimmer then they want to look? There are numerous diverse styles of jeans and pants that will look amazing on any figure. For women who worry about their waistline, maybe try pants that sit low on the hips, which will help to slenderize the trouble area. Slacks that sit just below the naval will make a woman’s midriff seem longer and more slender, according to a contributor at (http://weightloss.about.com).

If a woman is trying to hide thighs, saddlebags, or a big booty, she should try opting for a slightly flared or boot-cut style jean or pant. This type of style will in turn help draw attention away from those problem areas. According to Falcon (2011), another marvelous idea to help hide those unwanted thunder thighs: try a pair of skinny jeans with a tailored blazer, a longer shirt, and high heels. Flat-front pants and a side or back zipper can help flatter the figure. For those women trying to hide the tummy area, try to avoid pockets and tight pants, for they will only draw that unwanted attention to the midsection.

Dresses and Skirts

Some women believe they are feminine and sophisticated in a nice flowing dress whether it is a glamorous formal gown to something as simple as just a wrap around. However, it can be sometimes difficult to find that perfect dress or skirt that will look perfect on a woman and appeal to her body type. A woman can never go wrong with an A-line cut dress. According to a contributor from (www.ehow.com), these styles flow naturally over the stomach and hips, and will draw attention to the waist at the smallest part. When looking for glamorous gowns look for a dress that flows with the natural curves of the body. Falcon (2011) says that scoop necks, sweetheart cuts, and even off-the-shoulder are especially flattering. A woman who may be on the heavier side should try to stay away from gowns that could leave her looking plump, so instead stay with thicker lined fabrics (example would be a stretch satin) that will help in concealing those unattractive ripples.

Angie (2008) suggests that for women who want to conceal their stomach area more could lean toward a printed wrap dress, which helps in defining the waistline while the print camouflages the stomach area. Many women struggle with below the waistline areas like the hips and thighs. Women can solve this by looking for dresses that create volume on the bottom. Pencil style and bias-cut skirts are frowned upon slightly for any woman and her body type. These styles tend to cling to the body more and emphasize those areas she does not want noticed.

Colors and Patterns

Not only do the right clothes make a difference, but colors and patterns can play a big role as well. If a woman is wide around the middle she may want to avoid any horizontal striping on clothing. Wide horizontal striping is a huge NO for wide figured women! Vertical stripes are wide-reducing friendly, and they also give off a more professional look as well. However, maybe there are women who need or want to look a little wider? That is alright and by all means horizontal stripes could be their best friend. However, try not to overdo it or get too carried away. Less is more. Also pin stripes and tunics give off an attractive lengthening look to a woman’s body.

As far as colors are concerned, even though black is the number one choice in color for slimming the body, it certainly does not have to be the last. Jewel tone colors like garnet, cobalt, and even plum are great colors to experiment with. Women can even try colors like navy blue, burgundy, or even a dark brown. A splash of color can help lively up any person’s mood. However, if black is her favorite color try dressing it up a bit with a nice colored belt, jewelry, or even a great pair of shoes (Falcon, 2011).


Many women love to accessorize. Accessorizing the outfits should be fun for everyone and are the final finishing touches to a great ensemble. However, there are women that like the simple look, so if they are not into accessorizing, a simple pair of earrings of their choice or a necklace can help to simplify their ensemble. Quite a few women like the belt look and, will use that as an accessory. The secret to wearing belts is to wear them above a woman’s natural waistline according to Falcon (2011). Waist high belts can make an ensemble look good. Scarves seem to be a trendy new look for a woman dressing casual or if she is going for a more elegant style. Wool scarves are best worn in winter, while cotton scarves with bright colors are well suited for the spring and summer. Silk scarves are very exotic and can add some elegance to any dress. Beautiful, bright, and exotic silk and linen scarves will not only liven up any wardrobe, but add that summery euphoria to a woman’s personality.

A woman’s shoes are her very core – alright maybe not her core but close to it. She should always finish an outfit with a great pair of shoes. High heels are nice in that they elongate, making a woman look taller and leaner. Open toed shoes can give those thighs and calves a slimmer look than wearing a closed toe shoe that would give off the opposite illusion. Women should avoid ankle straps if their legs are already slim. However, for those women who want to add a fuller appearance, ankle straps are their friends. When concerning wearing boots, the knee-high boots, or boots that fall just below the knee have become a popular trend for short skirts according to a contributor from (http://www.wikihow.com). Whatever the style shoe or boot a woman should be sure the shoe or boot is comfortable for her and emphasize what she wants to accentuate the most.

In all, a woman should have fun experimenting. Women can mix and match to suit any kind of ensemble. A woman can even come up with her own styles that better suit her and how comfortable she feels wearing what she chooses. Remember, there are numerous styles out there that will fit any body style, whether a woman has a pear shaped body, hourglass, or even round. It is just a matter of living happy and confident not only on the inside but on the outside as well that will really grab a person’s attention.


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