Exporting Poisons Essay

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Exporting Poisons

1. Does an American Company like Velsicol have any obligation to refrain from selling pesticides that are banned in the United Sates to developing nations where they are not banned?

Answer: YES (refer to Risks to Consumers)

Dangerous and Risky Products

It was mentioned in the case that the US banned the use of chlordane and heptachlor as an insecticide years ago. It has been discussed that they were classified as “extremely hazardous” and suspected to cause cancer. Yet, US companies continued to export them to different countries where they are not banned. Dangerous and risky products should not be sold to consumers, whether or not it is banned in the US and in other countries. It is believed that working children who are engaged in agriculture are being exposed in these kids of chemicals, and with farmers as well. With its “extremely hazardous” ingredient, Velsicol is actually making them consume dangerous and risky products.

2. Does a US company like Velsicol have an obligation to refrain from exporting chemicals that are only suspected of causing cancer?

Answer: Yes (refer to Manufacturer’s Duties in Due Care Theory)

In designing product:
– research its risks in conditions of use

Velsicol is truly aware that these highly toxicated chemicals are banned in the US, yet they still continued its export. With its constant distribution, Velsicol is persistent in bringing risks to consumers, such as cancers.

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