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Export Live Animals in Australia

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Good Afternoon, many of you may already be aware but there is an ongoing debate in the Australian media as to whether Australia should continue to export live animals. Many of you may have mixed emotions and views about this issue. But I, for one believe that live animal trade should be banned because by now we have all probably have seen the pictures, the videos, the petitions, the headlines of the articles of how australia is earning millions willingly from this cruel system.

A typical case of what live export is, just for those who are not aware,is where millions of live animals are carried out overseas on ships from australia in such unbrearable conditions just to be slaughtered for meat. Changes must be made in the way we treat our live animals on these ships. Just because we are sending them to their death doesnt give us the right to torture or mistreat these live animals in such extreme ways.

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To begin with, one of the major reasons as to why i believe live export should be banned should is evidently the environmental factors. How can australian farmers imply that its so called ok to allow thousands of animals to be crammed in tightly and to be carried out overseas in such unhygienic and unhealthy environments. Researchrs have discovered that more than 100,000 litres of animal urine are piled up every day on board of a live export ship. As a result of this the air would be toxic on these big ships.

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This would then lead to distress and irritation to the animal. Dispite the fact that this would cause extreme distress to the animal, ultimately its very dangerous and unhealthy for us as we are the ones who eventually eat the meat.

If this isnt enough to ban live export then visualise this, imagine having to be pregnant and still being shipped overseas in a situation where we are still at risk of malnutrition, a slow death filled with injuries and illnesses. While still having to endure the sufferings on these ships as well as labour pain. I bet none of yous can imagine yourself in a situation like that. These live animal export companies have to legally test their animals before they allow them to enter these ships; yet we still watch heavily pregnant animals being thrown into these ships, and end up giving birth. As a newborn being born into these ships they are more vulnerable and diseases can spread even faster. Some would potentially lose their mother, they wouldnt have the additonal care and space they require, and very few would make it out alive. So how can we allow more ships to leave our shore? All this suffering we witness seeing thousans of our animals die every year and having their bodies simply thrown out to sea without any further investigation, for what benefit, helping wealthier companies become even more wealthier. This can never be ethically justified.

Another argument as to why i believe live export should be banned is how we allow our animals that could be used and sold for a purpose are just dying on these live export ships before they even make it out alive. Because of this australian busniesses are becoming negatively affected. But lets face the facts in this situation; live export earns billions every year and creates thousands of jobs meaning its not something we can get rid of overnight. Nonetheless, this doesnt mean we cant use other methods in order to prevent our animals from being mistreated. What if there was a better option that would see our animals treated more humanely, it is the 21st century right, why not find a solution that can benefit farmers, give jobs, and help the economy. Other countries have banned live export and as a country, australia is one of the most liveable in the country, so what makes us so different?

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