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Exploring Internet Sites Essay

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Nowadays Internet became primary informational source for overwhelming majority of people around the world. That is why, in order to earn customer goodwill, enhance the market and promote own goods or services, it is necessary for any enterprise at any market to place easy accessible, correct and comprehensive information about the company, its policies, strategies, products, prospects and so on, into World Wide Web. Official sites of such known companies, as Procter & Gamble, Nestle and Unilever are great examples of using advantages of Internet as an effective tool of marketing and promotion.

It is remarkable, that these successful companies openly inform their customers about their financial situation and the results of specific researches, offer new career or investment opportunities for any visitor of the site. This definitely works for strengthening their image on global level. To my mind, the most attractive and interesting features for the customers are the sections about the products of the companies and some related fields like nutrition, beauty and style, etc.

It is principally important to make information on the site practical and useful for any average or prospective customer. With this purpose, for example, P & G is using a very effective slogan “Expert Advice for Everyday Life”, which really works well, I believe. Undoubtedly, all three sites are very up-to-date and competent. I could not help noticing one obvious disadvantage of them all: extreme overload of information. It makes navigation more complicated for an average customer, who can be an average Internet user as well.

Besides, I suppose that the sites of P & G and Unilever have too very bright and colorful designs. This can take customer’s mind off the site content and the product itself. Besides, to my mind, it affects seriousness of these companies to some extent. Certainly, Internet sites play important role and significantly contribute into forming consumer preferences and attracting new customers. The main advantage of such sites is making customer- producer communication much faster.

When a customer wants to get some information, there is no need to make long phone calls and wait for consultations anymore. Now it is possible to find all necessary data on the site just with a couple of mouse clicks.


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