Exploring Cultural anthropology Essay

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Exploring Cultural anthropology

Cultural difference(s) is one of the research topics that best suits for a cultural anthropologist to study. In my own perspective as a cultural anthropologist, cultural difference in the United States of America is one of the topics I might propose to research. In the United States where the issue of racism is of most major concern among other races, the history of racial discrimination has passed down until today. Many races including Asians are discriminated with regards to services, priorities, socialization, and its laws.

Although there are sufficient laws that suspend racial discrimination among other races, this issue will still be in existence because of each cultural differences. This study may help in understanding better cultural differences/racism where it is in existence in the whole and is at most importance to international relations. Why would you choose this culture and topic for research? I chose the culture of United States since it has been the model of every other culture in the world.

Many countries are instigated to pattern their country to the United States political system, diversity in religion, economy, and culture and traditions. As a world’s sole superpower, its culture plays an important role in maintaining its political and economic power to the world. American sports in example, military tradition, and advancement in science, arts and in entertainment (Hollywood); these are the things that draws political and economic power to the United States. Its culture is of most interest by other countries in the world.

With regards to racism, I chose this topic for the reason that, until today, the United States struggles in eliminating or otherwise minimized racial discrimination domestically. It is a human nature to treat other races superior or inferior among them. It is of our interest the better ways if eliminate, prevent racial discrimination among others. The study of United States culture will give better understanding what it takes to be a charismatic country and a representation to the world.

The study of racism will give better understanding how will we become accustomed to other races (The Journal of American Culture, 2009). What do you hope to discover, accomplish, or address by studying this culture? How could you prepare for culture shock? The culture of the United States through careful study would lay the foundation how a developing will and/or a poor country rise to power, elevate their political and economic influence to developed countries, and improved their standard of living via instigating American culture.

I’m hoping to give details on different cultures, and address the needs of other people towards information dissemination. With regards to culture shock, studying culture may help in adjusting and/or adapt to culture differences. References “The Journal of American Culture. ” American Family Traditions, (2009). American Family Traditions. Retrieved June 11, 2009 from americanfamilytraditions database.

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