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Exploring Geneses and Linkages

The contours of international relations changed dramatically during the 20th century, which saw three great conflicts on the world stage. While the First and the Second World Wars were largely located in Europe but found the participation of every major power across the globe, the Cold War split the international system into two ideologically distinct… View Article

Exploring Unix/Linux Operating Systems

Linux and UNIX are systems whose application enables easier performance of advanced computer operations. They consist of several features that help users carry out file editing without installing additional features into the system. Linux/Unix has a number of advantages over windows which results to its preference instead of windows while it’s few disadvantages tries to… View Article

Exploring How Selections from The Best American Essays

The selection of essays contained in The Best American Essays which highlight painful truths and confront undesirable social realities do not only paint a clear picture of the imperfect world we live in, but also serve as catalysts for change that we may be sorely in need of. The relevant knowledge conveyed by the essayists… View Article